Native Instruments Battery

Battery, Virtual Drum Sampler from Native Instruments in the Battery series.

Pulk 10/02/2003

Native Instruments Battery : Pulk's user review


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Installing high-speed and no problem! During the first use, you must put the installation CD into the drive and voila! battery is ready. The manual is clear and well done, with the added advice on the mix of parts and rhythmic on the choice of samples, bravo!


I use as a battery with cubase vst-i on a G4 733, the software works perfectly. It does not look too cpu intensive, the concerns could possibly come from the ram you have, the kits come with battery are not standards, for against the cds of additional samples, we find kits of 300 mo! must follow the computer ...


I just worth buying but it is easy to use trs trs, trs intuitive. I think the interface is well done, it allows to realize in a flash the CHARACTERISTICS of the kit loaded. At quality price ratio, I find that battery alone is a fair bit, the kits come with are nice but there's nothing to marvel, for cons coupled with the cd studio drums Native Instruments also. .. adchire!!