Native Instruments Battery 3
Native Instruments Battery 3

Battery 3, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Native Instruments in the Battery series.

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Dr Driller 12/12/2006

Native Instruments Battery 3 : Dr Driller's user review


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>> The service center is now well NI rod installation, registration, update have done without pb.

the manual is in English for me but well done and complete.

Easy and effective.


>> It concerns Premire youth despite the update, it crashes but it's never super super long to load the ds seq, and sometimes when you change kit he will commend a wait trs EXAGRES.

by resource consumption level against it is not greedy.


>> Kits factory that specially made t for version 3 pete really good .. THE FIRST peus faith that I use a kick or a snare without adding layer comp or personal background ... the kit v1 & 2 of them remains unchanged and the mouth are a little cot ... otherwise the cell is bibliotque rank and practice.

>> The module humanize articulation is really good and makes me want to make DnB, it acts on the bearings, and "choke" fairly convincing.

>> I think by ds against the latest version of the fx on the battery cells in taient insert and are now send ... suddenly it's changing a little (especially the low-fi sounds more so like) and there's a small amount of volume as an fx add you .. must get used to and catch up with the output of the fx lvl .. not a bad thing overall it sounds better than the two previous version but this one really used as I needed a little time to adapt.

otherwise the new prsentation is not bad, the tabs and the browser is quite convenient.

- I made the choice for many battery ann and any version Premire, a happy marriage I told him at times but always made infidlit short fills me as beautiful. She returns in stunning revive our love and in addition it accepts the things she did not before ..... ... (Loops)