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Native Instruments Virtual percussions user reviews

  • Native Instruments Damage

    Native Instruments Damage - "My Favorite Drums Library"


    Damage is software instrument from Heavyocity that runs inside of Kontakt (or Kontakt Free) from Native Instruments. It is comprised of drum loops and individual drum hits. Unlike Heavyocity Evolve, Mutations 1, and Mutations 2, there are no melodic…

  • Native Instruments West Africa

    Native Instruments West Africa - "Awesome little collection of African instruments. "


    I have had no compatibility issues so far. I run this library in Kontakt Stand alone, as well as both Logic 9 and Ableton 8. It's a pretty simple setup, all you need to do is load the Library, then load the instrument you want. There are some fea…

Translated user reviews
  • Native Instruments Damage

    Native Instruments Damage - " great"


    The installation is done it without problems? No worries, as usual with NI products The general configuration is easy? Very simple, the desired sound is achieved very quickly. I have not read the manual. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE What is t…

  • Native Instruments Damage

    Native Instruments Damage - " trs good sound bank"


    Does the facility has a long (three hours) but c is made without problem. Directly recognized in Ableton Live, no need to open the manual. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I'm on Imac 2.8g Core I7 8 g of ram. Directly recognized by Ableton Live. No prob…