Line 6 Vetta HD
Line 6 Vetta HD
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Lvr67 07/18/2004

Line 6 Vetta HD : Lvr67's user review


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Transistor Amplifier 200W Modlisation
Two amps at the same time.
Everything you can imagine, the Vetta is pens.
Software version 2.03, 74 amps, pedals all the earth, and even more, all the effects rack


Ct use cel stepfather little complicated at first, but in fact it's like a POD. I had a little advantage has been a year I was learning by heart the doc. The fact is that we can keep it simple and it has the principal. But if you want to do complicated (if you have time to lose, you have found to talk).
Manuel trs trs comprehensive pais!
Using logic and rational trs.


You're bound to find an amp that you flat, there are 74 (with the update free software).
Then there are the classics (Vox, Marshall, Fender, Mesa), then curiosity INTERESTED (Supro, Gibson).
The simulation of the Peavey 5150 is superb.
I had a lot of amps (tube, transistor, DSP)
The rating is a little low, because during the time I got o I also had a PODxt.
Connected to a table, is not (it may be not for either!), The PODxt is prcis. 2x12 or a 4x12, the power is illusion, but found it a little dirty ct (cracracra) that is not the best taste.
For Mesa drowns in saturation, but with a Roland JC-120 has more dsordre dj. What I mean is that at times there is no doubt you're facing a BCAN computer, and the level of the sound feels.


I used the Vetta HD for a month, I had bought OCCAZ, and I found myself spare, whew!
The note can stepfather trs hard, but there again it is only a trial, but the facts are, a year that I was bavais deu, and I sold after one month!
This tight deadlines with this amp you do what you want is duly.
- What is the particular feature you like best: the infinite possibilities, the least: we are in the area of ​​numrique, so premium product that quickly (even with software updates) I pity those who dbours 3000, the day of the resale ale! (I had to pay OCCAZ 1100).
Although recess I will not go the same exprience.