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Modelling Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Line 6 Spider II HD75

    Line 6 Spider II HD75 - Anonyme's review


    I bought it, there are about 2 months and I still do not regret it! For the price, I could not RVer better, Guitar Studio 220 euros in Lille. The sounds are extremely bleuffant for the transisor! The power of a standard 75 watts mono. I use a…

  • Line 6 Spider II HD150

    Line 6 Spider II HD150 - Wiee's review


    Head Amp Modeling Line 6 Spider II well, must not listen to everything they say. It is still quite expensive and for me the damn money in the air as far below the Peavey Transtube. The clean sounds not very clear and very, very saturated transistors …

  • Line 6 Duoverb HD

    Line 6 Duoverb HD - new empty's review


    Modeling amp, 2 amps on a manageable head (one entry gtr) stereo output but when using both (all the better for that matter). Trim output output for connecting directly to the console cable xlr (two XLR outputs, one for each amp), 150W power amp fo…

  • Behringer V-Tone GMX1200H

    Behringer V-Tone GMX1200H - BigFred's review


    Analog modeling 2x60W Connectivity ultra complete, usable live + record in home studio, ... 2 separate channels selectable by push or foot-switch, with each channel: -Gain 3-band eq -Volume Dial-amp simulator (x3) -Selector speaker si…

  • Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H

    Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H - bidroid's review


    Amp simulation effect transistors has 2x60 watts UTILIZATION OK sound for versatility, while impeccable, I personally acht to be able to program my sounds and execute sets without having dozens of pedals on the floor. amp simulations and effect…

  • Line 6 Flextone II Head

    Line 6 Flextone II Head - cake1975's review


    Amp modlisation 2x125watt Stereo 8 Ohms. between a jack on the front (two would MRIT) Behind two XLR outputs symtriques, input-output jack symtriques send return between RJ45 for line 6 pdalier, MIDI In and Out 36 MODELS rpart amp 4 channel, si…

  • Behringer V-Tone GMX1200H

    Behringer V-Tone GMX1200H - greenchorus's review


    It's a head amp 2x60W analog transistor, ie 120 watts) (So much better quality digital k'un, it feels good to the sound of this amp, not as well k'un lamp, ca goes without saying). Nbreuses connectors (noon, Loudspeakers, headphones, footswitch, with…

  • Line 6 Vetta II HD

    Line 6 Vetta II HD - al31's review


    TRANSISTOR digital amp details refer to the card manufacturer UTILIZATION Given the possibilities of the beast it seems to me not very complicated to use I did the test in the store so I have not been able aprofondir n SOUNDS Amp very ver…

  • Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H

    Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H - reno from drain's review


    Transistor guitar amp head 2x60 Watts Simus 32 amp - 15 of cabinet simus - 16 effects (noise gate, compressor, delay, reverb, flanger, wah ...) MIDI functions as a conventional V-Amp (no problem working with FCB 1010 controller from home Berhin…

  • Vox AD120VTH

    Vox AD120VTH - alex 123's review


    Amp head a high-end modeling, today what is the best in modeling 16 amp types built-in effects (chorus flanger phaser tremolo fuzz wah Univibe od comp acoustic 3reverb 3delay autowah leslie) and a potato wake the neighbors. power of two times six…