Sonarworks Headphone Calibration
Sonarworks Headphone Calibration

Headphone Calibration, Monitoring calibration software from Sonarworks.

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Sonarworks Headphone Calibration news

  • Sonarworks to change Headphone Calibration pricing
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    Sonarworks to change Headphone Calibration pricing


    Sonarworks is to offer the three licence pack of their Headphone Calibration plugin for a lower price, while removing the single licence option.

  • Sonarworks Headphone Calibration Review
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    Sonarworks Headphone Calibration Review


    You all know what it's like to finish a mix that sounds amazing on your headphones and then try to show it to your grandma on her hi-fi system, only to discover that it sounds terrible. The mix is completely different: It lacks lows on the chorus but has too much on the verse, the vocals can't be heard. In short, it's awful. Granny is about to dis…

  • [NAMM] Sonarworks calibrates your headphones
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    [NAMM] Sonarworks calibrates your headphones


    Last year, Sonarworks debuted a calibration system for studio monitors. They introduce this year at NAMM the same concept for headphones.