Monster Cable Guitare Rock J/j 45cm
Monster Cable Guitare Rock J/j 45cm

Cable Guitare Rock J/j 45cm, Mono/Stereo Cable from Monster.

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glassjaw7 03/21/2011

Monster Cable Guitare Rock J/j 45cm : glassjaw7's user review

« Price is steep, but warranty and quality are great »

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Monster Rock instrument cables are well crafted and use high quality materials. Monster has all sorts of fancy jargon to talk up their product, such as:

MicroFiber® inner dielectric provides better isolation of magnetic fields for improved harmonic detail.
•Multiple Time Correct® windings phase align signal for natural reproduction of midrange frequencies.
•24k 1/4" gold contact connectors with collar strain relief are durable and corrosion resistant.
•Extra-flexible Duraflex® outer jacket for superior reliability and cut resistance.
•IsoTec® vibration isolation technology further reduces handling noise.

(The above specs were taken from the Monster website, of course)

What does all that mean to a working musician? Well, they are built tough, and sound great.
Though, the best thing about buying a Monster product is the lifetime warranty. Buy the cable, keep the receipt and if your singer steps on the connector and breaks it, or they just wear out over time, bring it back to the store and get a new one, no questions asked (usually). I have run into a couple of dopey sales people that didn't understand the warranty and gave me some trouble, but eventually I got my new cables.

I've never actually had one fail on me. I just like to get fresh ones every so often. I often hear people bash Monster and say that their whole sales strategy is a scam and that their products are crap. I disagree. Yes, they are a bit overpriced, but as a gigging guitarist, I like the idea of being able to throw my cables in my road cases and not have to worry about buying new ones if they fail. (which they have yet to do)

Before using Monster, I was using a combination of Spectraflex cables and some home-made cables that I made out of cheap materials. The Spectraflex cables look really cool with the woven jacket, but I've had more than one BRAND NEW Spectraflex patch cable cause my signal to cut out when pressure was put on the ends of the wire near the connectors. That's not cool. Also, it seems that the Spectraflex cables weren't allowing all of the frequencies to be heard from my guitar and amp. I actually got so used to the boxy, heavy mid sound that when I first plugged in using my new Monster Rock cable, I didn't like it. It was as if my sound was too big. A lot of lows and highs were coming through that weren't before. I quickly got used to the new and improved tone and now I love the pristine and clear character I get from my instrument and rig! I am currently using and abusing a couple 12 footers, a 21 footer and several patch cables depending on what rig I'm playing.

The handling noise, or the noise when moving around on stage or physically bumping, moving or stepping on the cable is much reduced now also compared to my previous cables. The Monster Rock has a very sturdy and thick outer jacket that looks and feels solid and provides minimal unwanted noise.

I've tested other cables and read plenty of reviews of higher priced cables that claim to be superior to the Monsters, but for my needs Monster Rock cables deliver consistently clear and punchy tone night after night and I have the peace of mind that the warranty is there to back up my purchase. If you run a pro studio, I'd recommend buying the absolute top of the line cables that money can buy, but if you want a great sound and a reliable product with a great warranty, the Monster is a smart buy.