Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable
Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable

Classic Instrument Cable, Mono/Stereo Cable from Planet Waves.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 6 reviews )
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 3 reviews50 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable
The Planet Waves Classic Series 10 Foot Instrument Cable is a simple cable that I use at home for my electric guitar rig. I recently picked up a few of these just to have a few extra 1/4" cables around. Planet Waves is a company that I wholeheartedly trust when it comes to cables and the like as they make top quality gear that is guaranteed for life. While this cable isn't on par with their gold plated cables, the Classic Series cables offers up a much more wallet friendly price while still maintaining a high quality cable. They make these both with and without a right angle I believe, and the ones that I have do indeed have the right angle, which is good for what I'm using them for as it makes it easy to plug into a pedal and doesn't take up any unnecessary space, which is especially nice in a pedal board setting. For cables of this price, I really don't think that you could beat these cables. While they might not be as sturdy feeling as Planet Waves top tier cables, the fact that they only cost a fraction of the price and are still of this quality is very impressive. I don't know how Planet Waves lifetime guarantee really works as I've never needed to take them up on the offer. If I did though, it's nice to know that I could. The gold plated cables aren't unreasonably priced for the quality, but something like that isn't always necessary if you're just working from home and/or practicing. So if you need a few 1/4" instrument cables and don't want to spend too much money on gold plated cables, or simply don't need then, the Planet Waves Classic Series 10 Foot Instrument Cable are definitley the best bang for your buck that I was able to find.

sergioreis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" right cable"

Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable
Good cheap cable

I recommend, especially for the price (bought 7 €)!
Damage of puppets11/20/2010

Damage of puppets's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good product, but beware of the compression ring"

Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable
I bought 2 pairs of these cables to replace the Yellow 3m Cables after trying the Planet Waves of a friend and myself realized that I puffed my YC signal in addition to isolating medium noise. : (

The plugs are nickel and a tip is bent in two.
These shielded cables are very durable and does not distort the signal.

A few years ago that I used now.
I have used in several configurations (guitar and amp, guitar + amp + multi effects, guitar multi-effects + + PA) and I've never noticed any loss of sound or even parasites (provided you have a guitar including electronics cavity is properly wired, otherwise it is better to provide a noise gates and then change or rewire the guitar).

There is still a detail that makes me lower the note.
It's about the compression ring, which is at the top of the page near the insulation is in the form of strips (see photo). It greatly strengthens hold the jack in the sockets (guitar, amp, multi-fx, mixer ...) which is both an advantage and a disadvantage, because all the plugs do not react the Similarly with the enhanced attachment system.

I do have a problem taking my guitar (Ltd EC1000) which is equipped with active pickups. When pressed, the plug is blocked so well that I am forced to frequently check that taking the guitar will not unscrew ...
Fortunately this does not affect the sound or even isolating the connection but it's not very practical ... : /
Ago on this guitar that I encountered this problem yet. On other guitars and equipment no worries, except for a force large enough to pull the plugs (Hum. ..).

After returning to the store and have retried Planet Waves buddy, I realized that there was compression rings of different types and thicknesses depending on the range of lanyards.

To conclude, I would say that given my use (assembly and disassembly of my material on each repetition) I will not go that choice.
I recognize that the quality / price is right, that's why I'm willing to stay loyal to the brand, but taking a more suitable model leads to my use.

I recommend these GTC-RA10 for studio use and possibly live.
But especially for devices whose connections are not disconnected automatically after each use. Because I am afraid that the effort required to remove the jacks may damage the equipment taken over the long term if done too often.


Neilerua's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable
I use this jack Planet Waves since October 2007. (Purchased online at Woodbrass to € 12)
What I like most is its length (6M) and its life. (He still held nine months!)
What I like least is its plastic: it is quickly dust the ground ... Also note: it works poorly in recent weeks and made enough noise nuisance ...

Before, I used Yellow Cable, which after two weeks and cracked me let go without warning.

The value for money is good, but for the same price, I prefer the Samson Neutrik with their metal ends and blue coating to protect the electronics.

Now, I buy more than Samson for a home loan store has all the time and it avoids to order online. But if there was not Samson, I would keep Planet Waves, as they are still very good jacks! Finally, in the future I'd like to try a jack with mute!
Higher Gain12/08/2007

Higher Gain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable
I have a few months, there is nothing to say tough, no pest problems ..
on the other hand is much more flexible than the cable circuit breaker, which is why I use it occasionally as an instrument cable in place of the circuit breaker which is much more rigid.

the friend was under surment wrong product because in effect there is no meaning and especially it does not cost the 25th but 10th.
25th = circuit breaker

Very good value for money I find a good real cheap cable

Malpares's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable
I use it for about 6-7 months, a vendor who advised me I jou to beginners on Yellow cables is really bad, almost every month I had to change ... Since I use the Planet Waves, I have much less noise, trs a good quality sound, this jack is trs more solid, do not move when it is plugged into the guitar and is "guaranteed life" (watch all of the same, it is better to keep your receipt if you ve him back to the store).
I use this jack to connect my pedals my guitar (my pedals are unfortunately linked together by small jacks Yellow! I have not found any other store!) And I connect my dernire PDAL my amp with a jack that is pretty good (+ j'me remember the brand) but I will soon change: I replaced with my Planet Waves CGT-20 and a Planet Waves achter PW-AG (with mute) to connect my guitar to the rest of my stuff! Vive Planet Waves!