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  • Martin MAC 500

    Martin MAC 500 - " Value"


    I have several, heavy machine, not really fast, correct light output, without, however, solid reliable machine, which made its proof is martin, value, easy to find room for a little repair boring and tedious interviews but still thinking. I do the sc…

  • Martin RUSH MH 1 Profile

    Martin RUSH MH 1 Profile - " A potato hell for 338w! :-)"


    I just received two! The last series in Martin has cracked me the price, the LED, and the technical characteristics of the latter. (I already have scans led Chinese 60w and I had enjoyed the power led ...) I have not tested other models before buy…

  • Martin MAC 250

    Martin MAC 250 - " Product but not all young, which is known proof"


    It is now about 3 months I turn with 2 mac 250 and I want to leave my little review occurs. The lyre 1950H and 2000H respectively. She belonged to a company event that rents equipment for nightclubs. The outer shell traces of white paint in sev…

  • Martin MAC Viper Profile

    Martin MAC Viper Profile - " Super machine!"


    The mac Viper at Martin Professional and just a jewelry technology by martin most: -The speed of movement is saddled as pan or tilt effects (gobo, iris, ...) while going at breakneck speed the passage of the beam at the widest beam it done in a …

  • Martin MAC 250 Wash

    Martin MAC 250 Wash - " Super Wash"


    I use Mac 250 Wash regularly. This is a very reliable, easy to maintain. Small, lightweight, this projector fits easily in the fire plan. It is particularly suitable for small stage 6 or 7m high maximum. TRICHRO level and light output, no…

  • Martin MAC 300

    Martin MAC 300 - " Great deal"


    Very happy with my purchase of several lyres in flight case. The equipment is robust and works very well. I preferred the opportunity to Martin's nine Chinese. …

  • Martin MAC 250+

    Martin MAC 250+ - " an ex-Standard"


    I use 7 for 3 years, including machines that are the result of good build quality and robustness of a line which the evidence is well established. It's a small enough machine full of his functions, the classics which have added a rotating prism an…

  • Martin MAC 600

    Martin MAC 600 - " Notice mac 600 during"


    I'm using 4 and 2 years. I took them out about 30 livers. Purchased used in JSF (specialized in selling equipment used in the Haluin 59), I paid € 750 ht with 6 months warranty. They are painted in metallic gray. On the state average (dented, noisy…

  • Martin MAC 250+

    Martin MAC 250+ - " Beautiful machines"


    Super quality and cool features. I had the choice between buying new type Stairville or opportunity Martin. I did not hesitate, I bought 4! …

  • Martin MAC 500

    Martin MAC 500 - lalypop's review


    I have 12 mac 500 now for almost eight years, during all this time we tried the competitor models (Clay Paky, dress, dts, and other) in the design it is true that machines are not practical in the field sav yet with minimal maintenance before they be…