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Starway Moving Heads user reviews

  • Starway Max Spot 250 DMX

    Starway Max Spot 250 DMX - " Simply phenomenal !!!"


    Wholesale light effect for a full lyre. Super powerful for a small price. What else! …

  • Starway Mode B

    Starway Mode B - " very good lyre beam"


    I use it for less than 1 month I try to starway 5R the particularity of 2r from a port faster lighter 5r is the bulb lasts longer 2r 5r 6000h 2000h super products. Delivered in flight case starway ModeB 350 euros for 4 lyres the least; nothin…

  • Starway ServoColor 600

    Starway ServoColor 600 - " Pleasantly surprised"


    J 4 have been over a year now that I use almost 3x / week from May to September and the rest of the time 1x/week. What I like most: - Rgbmw white is a real plus - Light output - Overweight - Reliability - Rapid - Zoom What I like lea…

  • Starway ServoBeam 5R

    Starway ServoBeam 5R - " A sharpy to slanted eyes"


    Well I still went on the advice Starway because they are machines that can start quite the Crusader (cheap and boasting large copy) As for servocolor 800 is not bad for the price and this is probably the best copy Sharpy I could cross, it's quick, …

  • Starway ServoColor 800

    Starway ServoColor 800 - " Nice, but Chinese"


    Used on several plane benefit I do not own these machines, I know very well the machines they seek to copy Let's be honest good for the price it is a good machine, it shines like a Robin 600 LED, the color mixing is not yucky but parcontre has not…

  • Starway Max Spot 500

    Starway Max Spot 500 - " What happiness!"


    Unlike the previous opinion, I am totally satisfied with these lyres. Purchased in April 2010 for 624 euros each (an excellent price at the time), used only for the private party (works, weddings, birthdays, etc ...) for gauges up to 200 people. …

  • Starway Max Spot 500

    Starway Max Spot 500 - " All good for me !!!"


    I wanted to go against the opinion prcdent. I use these lyres for 2 years now, of Manire rgulire, but not heavy: 40 50 trips / year for the private evening (weddings, CE, birthdays, etc ...), and no greater prestas ... No problem noted this day…

  • Starway Max Spot 500

    Starway Max Spot 500 - " disposable"


    I bought 8 June 2010. already down 3 (2 for the second time) yet they are protected in BETONEX fly in pro. LEDs let go, the problem of stability of DMX (yet I have a DMX booster). frankly not their reliability is close to the nothingness, thank you…

  • Starway Max Spot 500

    Starway Max Spot 500 - " Really the range between"


    Very big worry about power connector of the lamp. Indeed beams 3 (of 4 machines) replaced because the domino plastic! had melted. Little message to starway: At this temperature one puts ceramics dominoes. …

  • Starway Max Spot 500

    Starway Max Spot 500 - lewkey's review


    - For how long have you been using it? 1 year and 2 months - What thing do you like most/least about it? most: low price, good power lamp, 7 DMX channels minimum: rather fragile: the DMX input jack is 'back' in the box and the color wheel we…