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Vojna Poema 09/15/2004

DigiTech Studio Quad V2 : Vojna Poema's user review


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4 independent effects, so rather noise gate and compressor, or 2 doubles, or what you want
all the info you need are on the large screen
accessible tap delay in the first page of delay parameter
apart lexicon, cest really kills the brand in terms of continuous controllers
absolutely all parameters are checked! 8 simultaneously by program, and control is either noon or trigg the audio is controlled by an internal LFO, who says better person for that price ?....
frankly I used a lot of effects, and for that price, even + expensive, this is a real bomb


So easy to use, programming, factory presets are classs into 2 groups: A for dosage wet / dry, and mix B to 100% wet, everything is simple in this, really

no knobs, but the dosage of is immediately accessible with the "in levels"

the manual, it runs through quickly once, for two or three details, forget it soon after


Too mconnue this brand models except for "vocalist", yet the effects are amazing
While there are lexicon, but it is his place of work. when one returns to his home studio, we're happy to find the studio or quad of digitech studio 400
Listen factory presets, you'll see what a mean of developers who are working really!
cest pushed so that even if you play stuff like Barrs Lindus extreme or you sequence the classic, the studio quad covers every style without having to create your own patches, geniales reverbs, multi effects really Special .......... obviously if you use four different effects on the 4 in, already cest not make sense to deal with delay effects in mono, and in addition you will have less of available algorithms
I like everything in this machine, plus all my other effects, I have three studio quad v2! and I get out even when I mix in the studio, or speeches at meetings or seminars, I put an insert on the main voice for .... They also have 31-band EQ mono !!!!!!


I advise everyone to acquire this machine, it lacks the distortion!
of the musician's tech, especially as used, it is not worth much
Q / P unbeatable forget TC electronics and screen in Christmas tree, digitech processor combines the quality of Dtwo and Mone, with many more benefits and much cheaper, and 4 in a rack in/4out 1unitbr />
If you have more to Thun, type in lexicon (MPX 1 or 90 cfm) or 400 of the studio .... digitech, the atomic bomb!