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mixtering 07/16/2011

Ensoniq DP4 : mixtering's user review

«  Ensoniq DP4: The 4x4 multi-effects »

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Almost all the effects needed in the studio are available.
This rack 19 'has 4 inputs / outputs independent with a potentiometer for each input and output is super convenient and fast session.


The philosophy of DP4 is not so obvious that at first.
But when we understood the architecture of this multi-effects, just a little logic to make the most of this machine.


The effects are really nice. It's American, it sounds, it's just incredibly effective. The Yanks really know how sound their boiboites.
All instruments work with DP4, the violins with 8 voices chorus, guitars with amp simulators, but the synths with the time, phaser etc ...


I found us in the studio in the early 90's, I 'have reported one in France for my studio sessions, it still works.
For the reverberation of the voices you should use a Lexicon but it's so much else that we forgive him not to be excellent everywhere.
In conclusion, it is a very good machine that will satisfy those who want a warmer and denser than the effects plugins.