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Cid2Nice 04/11/2005

Ensoniq DP4 : Cid2Nice's user review


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- Grans number of adverse features: chorus, flange, delay, compressor, EQ, distortion, amp simulation, etc ...
- It's numrique, however, it is not cold (my taste anyway).
- Edited by soundiver.
- 4 audio In / 4 out audio, triplet noon to 2 between the control pedals.
- Rackable 2U high, deep trs (limit in my rack).

Routing trs pushed the possibility of used 1,2,3 or 4 channels.


- Once assimil gnral operation, it is quite easy to use, the manual is full of tips and tricks to save time browsing the small screen but good enough.
- My book is incomplete, but as far as I possde is clear.


- Without a doubt, a ringing, and rather well for the numrique, I find it relatively warm.
- I use it on a pace box, a synth and a sampler, just short of what;) .
- Trs good flanger, phaser, dlais also good.


- I use it for 6 months.
- What j'apprcie most is being able to use it as a quadruple multifx.
- I got down on his reputable purchase (although not boo, even no cost before: P), but mostly on the advice of users that I trust.
- For 450 euros (price at which I bought), I find it difficult (impossible?) To beat.
- I Rasht eyes closed for me is the Swiss Army knife of multifx, fx with 4 concurrent users ...