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Thread MusicOnlineAlive is changing the face of music industry!

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1 MusicOnlineAlive is changing the face of music industry!

http://www.musiconlinealive.com is the first truly comprehensive open platform for presenting, experiencing and selling music on the web.

The premier feature of MOA is a unique patent pending technology called Virtual Album for artists to sell material, post tracks, lyrics, album art, biographical information and concert dates as well as directly communicate with fans.
Using Virtual Album Technology, with MOA as the one stop platform, you can now

• Create, record, and perform music (intuitively)
• Publicize
• Hang out and reach out to your fans
• Make money by selling your songs

MOA platform is built to seamlessly integrate with the social web, and our aggressive marketing is only going to help promote budding artists albums and reach out larger fan base across the globe.

Wouldn’t you love to have your album part of MOA today?
Please visit http://www.musiconlinealive.com or send an email to support@musiconlinealive.com.