Neumann KM 84
SeriesNeumann KM 84

Series belonging to the KM series from Neumann

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Neumann KM 84 user reviews

  • Neumann KM 84

    Neumann KM 84 - "clean recordings"


    Nuemann Km 84 delivers a very clean and crisp recording. No need to filter out the bassy low end, this mic is very accurate with what it records. Sonically the response has a nice presence peak in the upper mid range, but the top end rolls off quickl…

  • Neumann KM 84

    Neumann KM 84 - "Great High-end SDC mic!"


    This is a recording microphone that is mainly suited for use in the recording studio, as it is a relatively fragile piece of gear and shouldn't be trifled with. Though I'm sure they'd be great for live drum overheads, they're just too pricey to reall…

  • Neumann KM 84

    Neumann KM 84 - moosers's review


    The Neumann KM 84s are a pair of small diaphragm condenser microphones.  They are designed for use in the recording studio and since they are expensive and fragile they aren't meant for live recording or use outside of the studio. OVERALL OPINION …

  • Neumann KM 84

    Neumann KM 84 - Boutik Toys's review


    Neumann KM84 (pair), cardio condenser microphone (48V) OVERALL OPINION How long have you use it? 3 months ago Have you tried many other models before buying it? Yes, I tried the Audio Technica AT4041, the neumann KM184 and Schoeps CM65 What…

  • Neumann KM 84

    Neumann KM 84 - toots's review


    -static like "stick" ... rather instrumental use but see the opinion of B Anceze for voice use NOTICE GLOBAL -2 Years - Very right curve and despite all very accurate: I did catch acoustic guitars (steel string luthier, good classical nylon a…

  • Neumann KM 84

    Neumann KM 84 - Bernard Ancèze's review


    I have two, I'm crazy. I do not sell, but I saw one on ebay at the moment. Studio or live sound, strings, singing with caution, Stereo XY or AB. capacitor, 48v power supply. OVERALL OPINION I use these mics (2) for over 20 years couple ST …

  • Neumann KM 84

    Neumann KM 84 - Cutboost's review


    Micro type cigar cardioid capacitor OVERALL OPINION Used two months a prod pop / folk / rock A jewel of an acoustic guitar. I use it paired with my API 3124 +. The sound is very warm, a beautiful presence, moving musicality. Much less con…

  • Neumann KM 84

    Neumann KM 84 - U-FLYstudio's review


    Small static shot of KM54 cardio, then 64 to light, Then comes the version T12V KM74 KM84 and finally who will then give birth to the current 184 KM from KM64, the capsule used is the KK64, KM 84 version available KM84 (dyn 3-pin) and KM84i (3-…

  • Neumann KM 84

    Neumann KM 84 - studiodhorlebaix's review


    I have 84 and 3 km, as rference point, I rode two and three nt2 Milab VM 41. So far I used the Milab when I wanted to highlight the Carved (hi ​​hat, double folk guitar (pop )...). nt and 2 when the body I wanted and more: overheads, tambourine, vo…