Bernard Ancèze 07/03/2007

Neumann KM 84 : Bernard Ancèze's user review


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I have two, I'm crazy.
I do not sell, but I saw one on ebay at the moment.

Studio or live sound, strings, singing with caution, Stereo XY or AB.
capacitor, 48v power supply.


I use these mics (2) for over 20 years couple ST or strings. I can compare them to similar products Schoeps and say that I find them softer and warmer, easier also less susceptible to pests and small acoustic sounds of fingers, mouth or breath of musiciens.Faciles on the ropes by taking care of everything able to treat their investment. They can be used on the voice with the attenuator (-10dB), the placement becomes difficult and decide on the color. They are sensitive to the proximity effect and de-timbrent soon as one moves away. Not easy, but doable with a disciplined singer. Outstanding on the violins, with a little attention we control very well the sound of the bow. Same thing on acoustic guitars: the touch without the sound of fingernails or pick, 80cm to 1m in front of the 15th front of the box or easel. XY exceptional couple of choruses and choirs. The KM 84 is the most musical of the microphones of this type (preamp + capsule) I know (Schoeps, AKG).
I just recorded a pop singer (baritone) with KM84. This is not the first time I made it. It is true that this microphone does not seem made for this, but ...-10dB attenuator switched on and anti-pop, micro and perpendicular height of the forehead, 40cm. I filtered to keep only the medium between 180Hz and 8kHz with a high pass and low pass quite stiff. I had a bump up to 2dB 315Hz fresh. So I got a more than satisfactory result. I compressed the plug. It is very clear, more mud in the bass (you really cut it frankly), the sharpness of the transients and clarity of the harmonic KM83 give the tone of voice a beautiful musicality. Already, it's really good like that, I record. Then, to refine and advance the stamp of the singer I go through a 3-band compressor medium-grave-acute. I compress a little that remains of the grave (now clean and clear) for the back a little and just the medium. Finally I get a different sound but also beautiful and mixable with a U87 or a C414 BXLII. The difference and the problem comes from the reaction of the small membrane KM84. Small membranes are so vibrant that they make everything, even what we would rather forget, unlike a large less responsive and smoother. If you have a choice it is better Utilia a good preamp tube to limit this effect somewhat. The values ​​I give are approximate and depend on the singer and the local.