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Vir2 Instruments Noise/Sound Design Samples news

  • Vir2 Shipping Q

    Vir2 Shipping Q

    11/25/10 in Vir2 Instruments Q

    Q (as in, cue, or, if you prefer, as in the master spy's gadget man) contains nearly two thousand patches and 16GB of sample material including cinematic drums, percussion, winds, vocals, ethnic instruments, metallic textures, glass, guitar, toy, ambient atmospheres, synth landscapes, and trailer-ready effects.

  • Vir2 Q Cinematic Library

    Vir2 Q Cinematic Library

    10/24/10 in Vir2 Instruments Q

    Vir2 Instruments has announced Q, asound design and scoring instruments library designed for the unique needs of television, film, game, and media composers and music producers.