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Zero-G Noise/Sound Design Samples news

  • Zero-G travels back to 80s Sci-Fi

    Zero-G travels back to 80s Sci-Fi

    09/24/15 in Zero-G Legacy

    With Legacy, Zero-G takes us to a journey back to the 80s Sci-Fi movies and video games, such as Alien and Blade Runner.

  • Zero-G visits abandoned places

    Zero-G visits abandoned places

    06/01/15 in Zero-G Haunted Ground

    Zero-G introduces Haunted Ground, a multiformat sample library featuring atmospheres and effects inspired from abandoned places.

  • Zero-G Extreme Environments

    Zero-G Extreme Environments

    06/02/14 in Zero-G Extreme Environments

    Zero-G partnered once again with Si Begg to produce Extreme Environments, a new multi-format sound design library.

  • Zero-G Maximum Force

    Zero-G Maximum Force

    11/27/12 in Zero-G Maximum Force

    Zero-G and Xfonic have released Maximum Force, a collection of sounds designed to add impact to cinematic scores.

  • Zero-G Cinematic Bundle

    Zero-G Cinematic Bundle

    11/11/10 in Zero-G Alien Skies

    This Zero-G bundle will deliver soundscapes, pads, textures, drones, atmospheres and effects to take your audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride through fear, angst, trepidation, joy, relief...