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Numark TT user reviews

  • Numark Pro TT2

    Numark Pro TT2 - "Outstanding Turntable For The Money"


    I have owned a Numark Pro TT 2 since 2002, using it almost daily, since (It is October, 2018 as I write this). I got mine for a bargain price of $175, including a cartridge, as it had been a display model for a store that was going out of business. …

  • Numark TT1625

    Numark TT1625 - "Good for beginners"


    I've been using it for almost a year. It's my first vinyl deck and I had never used one before. The pros: It's not expensive and it comes with a cartridge (it's an entry-level one, but it's okay to start out) The cons: Its weak torque, even…

  • Numark TTXUSB

    Numark TTXUSB - "built tough"


    The Numark TTXUSB is a higher end USB turntable that over shines the previous models from Numark. The TTXUSB is way better built than any other USB turntables that have come out recently. It has a high torque direct drive. You can adjust the pitch, a…

  • Numark TTUSB

    Numark TTUSB - "Vinyl to computer via USB"


    The Numark TTUSB connects to your computer via USB, and it comes with everything you need right in the box to start transferring your vinyl to your computer. That is about the only reason someone would purchase this turntable because it is not really…

  • Numark BattlePack

    Numark BattlePack - "Its not very well built."


    The Numark battle pack was created for someone who is just starting out being a DJ and learning how to scratch. It was not made for the advanced DJ. So for beginners I highly recommend this package to, they will enjoy it and will want to upgrade with…

  • Numark TT1625

    Numark TT1625 - "A Pretty Good, But Older Direct Drive Turntable"


    The Numark TT1625 would be a great turntable for beginning DJ's, and anyone making the transition from a Digital DJing setup to Vinyl. It's a direct drive model, meaning that the table is turned by a motor instead of a belt. It comes standard with a …

  • Numark TT1625

    Numark TT1625 - "For beginners only"


    How long have you been using it? I used it one year, it was secondhand. It allowed me to take my first steps into vinyl mixing. After two months I could already mix and do some tricks with it. Did you try any of other models before buying this on…

  • Numark TTi

    Numark TTi - "Good beginners table"


    Since I started getting into Djing a few years ago, I have used a lot of different tables. For some guys, they're our bread and butter. Other DJ's find them to be obsolete or gimmicky. I'm kind of in the middle there. I understand a lot of people…

  • Numark BattlePack

    Numark BattlePack - "For a beginner."


    The Numark Battle Pack is a nice started package for the aspiring DJ. This has everything you need to get started and up and running. The price was 299, which is reasonable . But this wont last you long, this isn’t made for the pro’s. It feels very c…

  • Numark TT200

    Numark TT200 - "Excellent Turntable" has images


    This turntable is one of the best around. TT200 is an old one, but better than the newer Numarrk TTUSBs out there. It has great sound quality and has one of the best needles out there. The best thing about it is its easy use. I learned how to use the…