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Numark TT user reviews

  • Numark TTX

    Numark TTX - FP User's review


    The TTX has more features than all other Turntables that I have come across. The auto BPM is a bit touchy and doesn't always work. Price paid $650 usd The sound that comes out is Great, I haven't found any better Turntable The manual..... has alm…

  • Numark TT1625

    Numark TT1625 - DJkaio's review


    - How long have you been using it? Several years. - Which features do you like the most / the least? The most: simple and pretty straightforward Less: lacks torque - Did you try any other models before buying it? Not before, only afterwards…

  • Numark TT1625

    Numark TT1625 - dj otaké's review


    I've been using it for over a year now and it seems to be too much for the turntable, it can't handle it anymore. it's not a turntable for mixing, at worst to listen to your records at home it was my first turntable (the numark pack, which I st…

  • Numark TT1625

    Numark TT1625 - " Started well for."


    I use it for 2 years this is my first turntables Adjusting the counterweight, the pitch too vague, too fragile. good value for money to start. …

  • Numark TT500

    Numark TT500 - " Good quality / price ratio"


    Purchased there is a more than a year, 3rd hand, some problems such as a tray which starts only in reverse (before it was hot), anti-skating settings and feverish height, and a little play in the arm when playing vinyl. Overall (having tried mk2/m5…

  • Numark TT500

    Numark TT500 - " Very satisfied"


    Very good product that either cosmetically level or qualité.Voilà now almost 5 years that I use. If I were back plates for the same budget I would do without problem. TTX series is a series for me "gadget" because the screen is not at all useful.…

  • Numark TT1650

    Numark TT1650 - " N not buy!"


    Used to replace one of my mk2 review. I have two mk2, I also had 2 ttx, 2 stanton str8-80, 2 vestax pdx 2300 .... This board for listening to mix ok but this is misery. The plate made toy, not stable plateau, the same pitch I'm not talking! T…

  • Numark TT500

    Numark TT500 - " Farewell technics"


    I use it for over a year bought OCCAZ. I have not tested other models before. All is well in this deck, it all what a technics with better torque and a pitch that goes to 50. Its only flaw is ... she is UGLY!! but hey, who cares a little I wo…

  • Numark TT500

    Numark TT500 - " it does a good job for the price"


    on this deck I like torque, adjustable pitch to 8/25/50%, the fact that it is of good enough quality, the tray pops too, I do not like is that there's little authenticity in the item we see that this is just a stage and although it is very powerfu…

  • Numark BattlePack

    Numark BattlePack - ATCHOUM09's review


    The plates were served a little more than a year, I got rid of the mixer in the months of purchase, the headphone is still operational I think if I had not lost .. It was my first all decks, the only good point is the price: when you have 15 years…