Numark TT1625
Numark TT1625

TT1625, Turntable from Numark in the TT series.

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johnrae 06/20/2012

Numark TT1625 : johnrae's user review

« A Pretty Good, But Older Direct Drive Turntable »

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The Numark TT1625 would be a great turntable for beginning DJ's, and anyone making the transition from a Digital DJing setup to Vinyl. It's a direct drive model, meaning that the table is turned by a motor instead of a belt. It comes standard with a Numark needle and cartridge, though I upgraded to a better quality one. It's a good deal for anyone who is just starting out with DJing and needs an affordable and functional turntable.

The table is durable and has survived being bumped around and a coffee spill. One thing the table lacks, however is a pitch lock, so sometimes the pitch can fluctuate. It also lacks a target light which could make it harder to read the grooves on the record in a low light setting.

You are able to change the tone arm from a straight model to an S, for different applications like scratching and such, and the built in on is pretty good, nothing special. It's a pretty light unit too, made of plastic, but still pretty durable. I would probably upgrade the tone arm if I were to DJ at a gig with these. If your not a DJ and just need a nice turntable for the house this would be PERFECT, especially because it's well suited to a home environment where things are moving and bumped and spilled.

Overall this is a good deal. I bought a pair of them for 300 dollars and use them in my practice space all the time. They were definitely worth the money. I use them with vinyls and time coded vinyls with my laptop sometimes. If you need a set of starter decks, or a good turntable to play your old records on, these are a great deal, especially considering how durable and affordable they are.