Numark TT1625
Numark TT1625

TT1625, Turntable from Numark in the TT series.

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funkmachine 04/25/2013

Numark TT1625 : funkmachine's user review

« Good for beginners »

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I've been using it for almost a year.

It's my first vinyl deck and I had never used one before.

The pros: It's not expensive and it comes with a cartridge (it's an entry-level one, but it's okay to start out)

The cons: Its weak torque, even when you are a beginner you can feel it lacks power, the arm is also very light and has a tendency to skip, while the deck produces a lot of feedback (when you tap the deck with the fingers you can hear noises coming through the speakers).
But I've read even high-end Numark turntables have a very limited lifespan, so I don't recommend this brand.

Its value for money is not bad, even if I would rather recommend beginners the rp 4000 by reloop or a stanton.

I would certainly not buy it again. It was the turntable that helped me when I started mixing vinyls, but now that I have to change my gear, I think I'll go with a Stanton or a high-end CD turntable.