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All user reviews for the Alhambra Guitars 4P

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
 5 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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mooseherman's review

Alhambra Guitars 4P
This is the real deal, folks. This guitar has complex and well-crafted design, with a solid cedar top, rosewood back and sides, an ebony fretboard, a mahogany neck and gold plated tuning heads. There are about 18 frets, but all the frets past 12 are difficult if not impossible to reach.


As I said before, the last frets are hard to reach. However, this is typical of nylon stringed classical guitars. It's very easy to get a really nice sound out of it, it plays like a dream. It's a great size and shape, too.


The sounds are undeniably great. The differences in sound are entirely up to the player, considering it's a nylon classical, but as far as those go, this is stellar. The dynamics possible with this guitar are exceptional, it's capable of being much louder than most nylon-string guitars. This was always an issue for me, and one of the reasons I wasn't particularly interested in these instruments in the first place. I now know that I was settling for second-rate instruments that weren't capable of the range and dynamics that I wanted. Now that I am more of a player of the types of music that are played on these instruments, I can appreciate the subtlety that this guitar brings. At the same time, the loudness is refreshing for a naturally quieter instrument.


The guitar looks and sounds beautiful. I have no complaints about it. It'd be perfect for performers as well as for recording, it sounds great with the right mics. It's a bit pricey, it usually lists over a grand but I've seen some great deals on guitars that seem to be new. This is one classical guitar that I think is far beyond most others I've played, and one of the few that I really liked that I thought I could realistically afford someday. Therefore, it's one of my favorites.

MGR/kornflakes's review"Alhambra 4P"

Alhambra Guitars 4P
Aquired from www.staffordguitar.com for approx £350

A lovely full sounding guitar that has improved considerably tonally since i purchased it in 2003.

Its a little scruffy cosmetically.

Well built, solid ebony finger board, laminated rosewood back and sides with a lovely warm sounding solid cedar top. Nice n easy on the fingers. Action good.

I can't really fault this instrument, i'm very happy with it, it has really grown on me. I really would recommend Alhambra guitars at the moment.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

xbassman_K's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good quality"

Alhambra Guitars 4P
Alhambra 4P is a pure Spanish classical guitar. Mine has a red cedar solid top, the bottom is rosewood veneer (on mahogany) sides are solid rosewood and the neck is mahogany with an ebony fingerboard. It is equipped with good mechanical and golden finish quality does not suffer any criticism. Naturally, it was made in Spain.


Nothing to report side usability and playability, this is a classic with its handle large and relatively flat, the action is perfect. A classical guitar, it's always a little confusing when you come rock guitar (in my case), but with a little practice we begin the game and quickly becomes second nature, it is still very pleasant indeed ...


At the sound, no surprise either. It sounds like a classical guitar well born. Sufficiently rich, balanced and powerful with beautiful bass and excellent sustain. Frankly difficult to take in default and I suppose it would support compares favorably with much more expensive guitars. That said, I'm not exactly a classical guitar player, but I bought it mainly to complete my sound palette, and I must say I'm not disappointed because it pierces a formidable mix with ease!


I bought completely by chance in a store in Spain (El Corte Ingles), one day they made a "Everything must disappear" because the store was closing for work ... The bargain of the century, 100 € instead of 400! Even though it was quite difficult to account for its sound in the store with this angry mob that tore sale items, she gave me the eye, I broke down and I do not regret not! Even at 400 €, it is worth the cost because frankly it is a serious instrument, well made and especially that sounds perfectly ... Very good price / quality ratio so, and of course I would do this choice ...

pataploumf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alhambra Guitars 4P
Well I do not return on its CHARACTERISTICS, they Describes t.


Channel super enjoyable, very easy
sound great for this price. I tried really a score in store and that the bluff me. Sr Although it is not a guitar maker, but for 5000 euros 280 (that's the price I russi ngocier) is extra.
I think she will improve with age, j'espre keep it all my life.


I'm not a great guitarist, I love the sound but I play classical plutt The variety of the times and it is ideal. I'm also a bit of rumba and able! I love the bass.


Here I would do exactly the same choice even if I had a bigger budget lev because I'm not a pro guitarist.

Helmantica's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alhambra Guitars 4P
Spanish manufacturing
Solid Cedar Table
Net body and rosewood
key bne

I would add that mine has the mcaniques pearl and gilt, class!


Channel width, the key is a real rgale bne is trslgre and enjoyable play.

Personally I think it's an intuitive trs guitar, base guitarist I plutt an electric and when I replay it shall decide from time to time it is as if I had never left!

Furthermore it is stable trs, I rarely grants!

What is good for Access in acute ... bah ... since there is no plan once it is pa ... of the pie, but will not interfere more than a real classical guitarists.


It has a trs his round and beautiful bass! When I play with I do the bossa, and it's a good arpges rgale. Plus you'll find thundering but I did kind of improvised flamenco and occasionally sounds like a rev well, even if of course for this kind of music it takes a little more than potatoes in the high .


was 4 years and I have it sounds better and better! I think that's the kind of small scratches that we keep living, and we are always available Fidler and especially for the price! Same rating if it 350 euros in France, I bought it new but ds 150euros That was in Spain!

In short, a super skyscraper is a symbol of brands in Spain!