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  • Oli Larkin LFO Chopper

    Oli Larkin LFO Chopper - yoTrakkz's review


    The Oli Larkin LFO chopper is a free vst plugin that will work for your window’s computers. I ran this will FL studio 8xxl about a year ago. I have no complaints with this, it worked fine and takes up no cpu. The Vst itself is pretty plain though, no…

  • Oli Larkin Grain Freeze

    Oli Larkin Grain Freeze - moosers's review


    Oli Larkin's Grain Freeze is a granular synthesis effects plug-in that is just compatible on Windows based systems that have a DAW that can support VST plug-ins. Unfortunately that's the scope of this plug-in and the other free ones that Oli Larkin …

  • Oli Larkin LFO Chopper

    Oli Larkin LFO Chopper - moosers's review


    Oli Larkin's LFO Chopper is a free VST plug-in for Windows operating systems. It's basically a tremolo plug that works with a variety of different LFO waveforms. Unfortunately, the scope of those who will be able to use the plug-in is limited since…

  • Oli Larkin Beat Morpher

    Oli Larkin Beat Morpher - moosers's review


    Oli Larkin's Beat Morpher software is a unique and FREE VST and Windows only plug-in that allows you to 'morph' together two separate drum patterns. It works by playing back samples to go with however you set it, but it's unique in that it's actuall…

  • Oli Larkin SE64

    Oli Larkin SE64 - moosers's review


    The Oli Larkin SE64 is a unique and free virtual synthesizer. It's unique because the sounds heard here are from vintage video games! It's a monophonic synthesizer that runs with two oscillators. The synth is unfortunately only available to those …

  • Oli Larkin Quadmix

    Oli Larkin Quadmix - moosers's review


    Oli Larkin's Quadmix is a free plug-in that's actually two in one, also featuring a Quadpan plug-in. The plug-in is for use for synthesizer applications, but essentially it sends four separate inputs to one output, and Quadpan does the opposite of t…

  • Oli Larkin Advanced Midi Gate

    Oli Larkin Advanced Midi Gate - moosers's review


    The Oli Larkin Advanced Midi Gate is a free plug-in for use in your sequencer. It can be used for a variety of purposes, but will be used most for triggering MIDI gates. The plug-in is downloadable right from the Oli Larkin site, along with a numbe…

  • Oli Larkin Formant Filter

    Oli Larkin Formant Filter - moosers's review


    Oli Larkin's Formant Filter is a free VST plug-in for Windows operating systems. It's not available in any other formats, unfortunately. You can download the plug straight from their website, and it's easy enough to install it as well, as it should…

  • Oli Larkin AutoPan

    Oli Larkin AutoPan - moosers's review


    Oli Larkin's AutoPan plug-in is a free VST plug-in for Windows operating systems. Oli Larkin has a bunch of free plug-ins in this format, with this being one of the simplest of the bunch. You can download the plug straight from the manufacturer's w…

  • Oli Larkin Stereo Enhancer

    Oli Larkin Stereo Enhancer - moosers's review


    The Oli Larkin Stereo Enhancer is a really simple and free plug-in for Windows operating systems and VST based DAW platforms. It's the simplest of the free plug-ins that Oli Larkin has to offer, which are definitely worth checking it out in general …