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  • Orange Crush 10

    Orange Crush 10 - "Pretty nice little practice amp!"


    This is a solid-state miniature amp for guitars. It's only 10 watts, and really has no practical application other than for practicing at home. That being said, it's got a nice tone for being as quiet as it is. There is a 1/4" input, as well as a 1/4…

  • Orange Crush 15R

    Orange Crush 15R - moosers's review


    The Orange Amps Crush 15R is a small and simple guitar amplifier that packs a mean tone for only having having 15 watts. The amp is solid state based and has a single, 8" speaker inside of it. The only connections that it has come in the form of 1/…

  • Orange Crush 15R

    Orange Crush 15R - soccerplayer25's review


    This Orange Amp Crush 15 R is a solid state amp with 15 watts. It has an input for your instrument and an output for headphones. It has two channels - a clean one and a distortion one. It has adjustable equalization, a gain knob, a reverb knob, and a…

  • Orange Crush 30R

    Orange Crush 30R - "Orange Crush 30R"


    I have been a muscician for 9 years and I have been playing the guitar for the last year. I was looking for a reasonably priced beginners practice amp and this one caught my eye. I bought my Crush from GAK for £119 after having looked around for som…

  • Orange Crush 15

    Orange Crush 15 - "Orange Crush 15"


    bought it new at musiquemax in rosemere. Paid 185$, saw good reviews on the net... The amp cranks a good punch when solicitated but that's about it...for a 15 watt... The whole rest of the amp sucks! It's got an 8 inch inside and it's like it's got…

  • Orange Crush 30R

    Orange Crush 30R - " good plan if ..."


    v / prior reviews, quite complete. UTILIZATION v / previous opinions. SOUNDS this is something I have to give. with the HP 10 "cheap home, this amp sounds good to do a volume" private ". as soon as the sound goes, it does not support. And…

  • Orange Crush 30R

    Orange Crush 30R - roplof's review


    transistor 2 channels, 30 watts, spring reverb, 2 Low Input / hight, headphone / line out, footswitch, 3-band equalizer, orange and beautiful .... all is said .... UTILIZATION Transistor pure unadorned ... a spring reverb to color the sound and …

  • Orange Crush 30R

    Orange Crush 30R - jedd's review


    Travel 30W amp transistors REVERB AND EXTRAORDINARY USE TOO SIMPLE SONORITS with a vintage character, lack of power for very repettes muscles but clean English ORANGE own fat SATURATION without being dirty the rverbe is beautiful and pr…

  • Orange Crush 15R

    Orange Crush 15R - raffaello's review


    Orange Crush 15R bought HP chang (by Jensen Mod 8) Never test with Original HP. Transistors 15 Watt amp. Between guitar, headphones output. 1 volume and a master of; rglage with overdrive gain; qualisation bass, mid, treble; rverb. I would apprci out…

  • Orange Crush 15R

    Orange Crush 15R - onehmouninehl's review


    Amp transistors 15 W. An outlet, a headphone jack (no line out), of volume, gain, overdrive switch + rglage, SETTING THE rverb the 'qualiseur 3 bands, a ON / OFF switch. The fuse on the power plug. UTILIZATION  Using the amp was easy as soon …