Zvukofor Binder
Zvukofor Binder

Binder, OSC / MIDI controller for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad from Zvukofor.

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unTIL BEN 07/30/2013

Zvukofor Binder : unTIL BEN's user review

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Template for Lemur on iPad to control the Cockos Reaper software.

Installation fairly easy if you already know to run Lemur.
Clear documentation (in English).

Many function but a lot of sub-menus anyway. When you know the ease of creating shortcuts to do anything with Reaper, it is unfortunate to redo several clicks to get a function, not counting the time learning the interface.

Another criticism of the faders, they move with a slip made as soon as you touch somewhere, but it was already the case in the other lemur template for reaper. TouchOSC is better from this point of view since we first caught the fader to move.

a lot of work done by the programmer.
Many features available.
But in practice, I do not serve.
For a novice Reaper why not, but when you already have a satisfactory worflow (the advantage of customizing Reaper), it does not save time.
TouchOSC is best for my taste to manage the faders (and much cheaper than lemur).