Jisheng silent guitar
Jisheng silent guitar

silent guitar, Other acoustic-electric guitar from Jisheng.

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Average Score:3.0(3/5 based on 1 review)
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jeff40700's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"finish ... its very limit saturated ... improvable?"

Jisheng silent guitar
I bought this guitar on Ebay silent (the same model in white), I received this morning ... new value € 150 bought at auction in New € 82.

Made in china by the largest musical instrument factory of the world if I believe what I read, and I tend to believe ... one can find the same guitar branded Sojing.
it is a classical guitar with classical guitar head normal. 20 frets, spruce body, maple neck ... the? I think it is also maple, dyed .. beg pardon, "painted" black.
regarding the bridge, I can not speak, plastic or wood blackened tree??
Bone nut and plastic, for sure.
52mm width at nut, truss rod head (I wonder if it goes well to the bottom of the handle? mystery ...), I left to stand, I will settle in a few days time she breathes, but already it is with the game of rope pulling means supplied with.
the mechanisms are not flexible, they jump a bit, I'll grease and see if there's no sawdust in the holes of the head, after some manipulation, it is a little better.
simple adjustments: a knob volume, one tone knob, certainly under the micro nut (we will change strings, I need the realigned, it is not quite half the acute ...).
you can play with headphones or amp or both.


the handle is pleasant enough, although "painted" and even super badly painted, it pukes knew the side of the pitch (which is also painted), say it was getting dark, they had to do that to the hard forgetting places (hollow headstock ...), they should be tired and not necessarily well paid to do what taf ... that's for sure.
in their place, I would have pushed to its logical conclusion, even if it's cheap, I could not paint at all, nothing, basta.
except I'd put gougouttes to benchmarks on the edge of handle (yep, I like round pins).
I guess all that hides a lot of other wood pore filler and retyped if not, I do not see the point: So guitar to be stripped if possible.
ergonomics is good, the guitar is super light and well balanced, it does not lean side handle.
Shoulder, it's nice to play the classic thick without cash.
access to treble is good and if you want it veers from the sides and it even higher ...
The sound you get is correct if and only if we let the volume knob at least at a minimum, if not in fact increase the volume increases as a good saturation, against the volume is too low, setting tone is less effective: therefore, tone and volume at the center mini (early no sound, then, suddenly it is strong, and just after it is strong and saturated). too bad.
so what, bad contact, bad components, capacitor old stock and death soon? I look tomorrow if there is something visible ...


once set hair cell, the sound is nice, it is that of a classic, there is no doubt that some kind reverb tube integrated, but it does not sound duck.
Finally, I changed the game for a real rope quickly and it will be better.
a little flat at the black Plexiglas plate that hides the electronics on the back of the beast, which vibrates easily, it will require a small seal or felt around.
its level always, comes with a headphone, forget it, it really saturates block given the level of illness that sent the guitar to the headphone, it is better to pick one that has its volume control (like on the wire, it okay ...).
plugged into the amp, the sound is good, we find a classical guitar with nylon good sound nice to kind of worked, or arpeggios, the fact that ... After, if you take a fancy to a little reggae (without pick, thumb type) the sound becomes fuzzy (still preamp ... to check), this preamp shame!


I play for a long time, I tried many guitars, and guitar are silent too expensive from my point of view, manufacturers including Yamaha ripping us, the silent guitar they not only emmer. Ent not to make boxes with sides, dam, rose, against sides, bottom, table ... it's not enough for them as an economy, they find means to make us cough up a max for a handle placed on a hollow beam: they abuse.
In addition none is able to integrate to rethink a little amp (like mobile cube) in a hard case (it has existed, unless they bring something to sell two separate), damage, would be ideal for mobility.
back on topic, what is good about this guitar is the neck which is amazingly just along its length ... I've seen much worse on much more expensive guitars, good guitars with rosewood fingerboard (it is a minimum I know) and mechanical oil bath, the truss rod walking in both directions (if so , it exists) and tended to be great until the 7th fret ... Here, it's all good.
Secondly, and this is not the slightest on a classic, albeit silent: the sustain is good to very good.
Quiz I play without plugging and listen (the little one's "silent"), result is very clean, not messy, precise ... I realizes that this guitar is amplified poorly, it is where we must look first and see what I've got like his, that the best omen.

In conclusion: if you are poor or descending, like me (well, me, I accumulate ...), and you want a silent guitar, to move at ease and play later without waking the family, if you t ' balance that have not marked Yamaha, or other above, and if you know a little tinkering: you take that one, it should do (I hope, and I'll let you know the result ...)