McPherson Guitars MG-4.5 Madagascar Rosewood/Redwood
McPherson Guitars MG-4.5 Madagascar Rosewood/Redwood

MG-4.5 Madagascar Rosewood/Redwood, Other acoustic-electric guitar from McPherson Guitars.

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moosers's review

McPherson Guitars MG-4.5 Madagascar Rosewood/Redwood
The McPherson Guitars MG 4.5 Madagascar Rosewood/Redwood is a high end acoustic guitar. It’s got a unique design and isn’t a brand that I was aware about until recently. Most of the guitars made by McPherson are custom or really upper end, which includes this one. This guitar has a Redwood Top and Madagascar Rosewood Back and Sides, which seems to be incredibly nice materials. It’s got a unique spot for it’s sound hole as it’s above the strings rather than under them. It’s got electronics from LR Baggs…


The overall feel of the McPherson Guitars MG 4.5 is immaculate as it’s a very easy instrument to play. I haven’t had a chance to play and record with the guitar extensively, but a client recently brought it into the studio where I work and I got to mess around with it for a little bit. The guitar feels like a guitar should feel as you aren’t even thinking about the playability of it while you’re playing it. The shape and size are pretty unique as well, again with the sound hole being in a unique spot.


While I wasn’t the one playing the guitar while we were recording with it, we got some awesome results with this guitar when it was mic’d up. It’s got such a full bodied sound that capturing it isn’t hard as long as you’re in the right setting, which we were. It takes some unique mic positioning with this guitar since the sound hole isn’t in it’s normal spot. I like this a lot as it simply makes for a unique perspective on the acoustic guitar. Even if you didn’t know where the sound was coming from, I think most players will agree that this is just about as good sounding of a guitar that’s possible...


Only professionals are going to be able to be seriously interested in the McPherson Guitars MG 4.5 guitar since it’s so expensive. You can get custom guitars from McPherson as well, which this one may as well be since it’s got so many unique aspects to it. McPherson isn’t very well known but they’re definitely a company you should know about if you’re a professional looking for a unique, upper echelon acoustic guitar.