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Other Drum & Percussion Hardware user reviews

  • Pearl ISS Mounting System

    Pearl ISS Mounting System - moosers's review


    The Pearl ISS Mounting System is a nifty little device that's designed for suspending your drums, with ISS standing for Integrated Suspension System. I recently did a session at the studio where I work where the drummer brought in his own drums and …

  • Sound Percussion SP770DT Drum Throne

    Sound Percussion SP770DT Drum Throne - moosers's review


    The Sound Perucssion SP770DT Drum Throne is a seat that's designed for sitting on while playing a drum kit. It's the simplest kind of drum throne and probably the least comfortable beyond using a fold up chair while playing. It's certainly adequate…

  • Taye Drums Hardware Pack Z

    Taye Drums Hardware Pack Z - sanjuro's review


    The Taye Drums Hardware Pack Z is a decent combination of 2 cymbal stands, a hi-hat stand, a bass drum pedal, and a snare drum stand.  Most hardware packs of this level have the same contents.  This came with my Taye Studio maple kit when I first bou…

Translated user reviews

    Vruk PEDAL SYSTEM - " Not obvious"


    I bought one month here. The assembly is easy and fits easily in my suitcase Iron Cobra. The beginnings were difficult. After several hours of use I begin to know the utilsliseŕ. But nothing to do with the videos posted on youtube. It is not a miracl…

  • Gibraltar GCP

    Gibraltar GCP - " Attention to the sound"


    Hello, I just bought the pedal gibraltar GCP Cajon. The system is really nice but unfortunately when the sound of the cajon with low micro inside it is a disaster. How to avoid hearing the noise of the spring and cable system is connected to the hamm…

  • Pearl S-1000

    Pearl S-1000 - " A safe bet"


    Foot high rugged range box, with flexible settings. Impeccable finishes! It's not "knock". …

  • Pearl S-1000

    Pearl S-1000 - " more stable than"


    I just bought the foot snare Pearl S-1000, which proves to be a superb choice. The foot is very stable and is ideal for light-heavy funds, experience has shown, the foot does not move, even pounding a credit of 7.5 Kg .. Rubbers of the baskets …

  • Millenium DB-115

    Millenium DB-115 - hornet 22's review


    HOW LONG HAVE YOU USE IT? I bought three at Thoman and I kept the boards +-1year. YOU'VE TRIED MANY OTHER MODELS PRIOR TO PURCHASE? I had not purchased a new drumkit of OCCAZ or the guy gave me with two three foot, so I needed and I walk those pri…

  • Millenium DB-115

    Millenium DB-115 - karthen's review


    * For how long have you been using it? for over a month * What thing do you like most/least about it? Most: - The price! - Stability (for the "low-end" is surprising, like AC up to big brands) Minimum: - Nothing for now, may be positioned f…

  • Pearl S-1000

    Pearl S-1000 - safti's review


    The foot snare is no longer there the least important element of any drummer. Rubbers on which the foot rests do not double base points but slightly rounded shapes (curved) allows the deployed more or less depending upon available without moving t…