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Other MIDI Keyboards user reviews

  • Hamichord M-C3

    Hamichord M-C3 - " Excellent clone"


    Warning: basic product is a MIDI controller, it has no sound source. It can control a PC or module published by Crumar Exp-Edition. The product that I present below includes the Exp-Edition Module The two advantages of this product are: the soun…

  • Kurzweil MIDIBoard

    Kurzweil MIDIBoard - sjl's review


    "Simple but effective" ... UTILIZATION Could not be more pleasant ... OVERALL OPINION Beautiful machine, very rare, a rating of about 700 euros in verse. 3.03. Wooden keyboard keys nice and polyphonic aftertouch. excellent control of dyna…

  • Creative Labs Prodikeys

    Creative Labs Prodikeys - lechanteur's review


    Very practical, always at hand, attention to treasure the drivers, it is not available online. UTILIZATION Bof Bof keys pastoc fragile, their lack of strength, vitality should not reserve this DIY keyboard ... OVERALL OPINION 2 years I have, …

  • Ta Horng MidiPro

    Ta Horng MidiPro - Tyokkann's review


    4 octave keyboard - 49 keys with touch synthbr /> Vritable matre professional keyboard MIDI CONTRL The screen and multiple function buttons tudi t have to bring you comfort and ease of use: - Button "DATA ENTRY" slider that allows adjustment of…

  • Creative Labs Prodikeys

    Creative Labs Prodikeys - Cervantes's review


    _ Desktop keyboard and built-in MIDI: very practical for writing scores (finale. .....) _connectique PS2 keyboard port UTILIZATION _ Keyboard enjoyable but I recommend it to write scores plutt this stuff is pretty basic when same. _ Trs simpl…

  • Ta Horng MidiPro

    Ta Horng MidiPro - FredT's review


    49-key synth-style dynamics. Knobs pitch bend and modulation. Sustain pedal optional. One MIDI output. UTILIZATION Touch is relatively comfortable, at least true to what we expect from a keyboard "synth". The configuration is very simple. Ea…