Ta Horng MidiPro
Ta Horng MidiPro

MidiPro, Other MIDI Keyboard from Ta Horng.

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Tyokkann 03/12/2005

Ta Horng MidiPro : Tyokkann's user review


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4 octave keyboard - 49 keys with touch synthbr /> Vritable matre professional keyboard MIDI CONTRL

The screen and multiple function buttons tudi t have to bring you comfort and ease of use:

- Button "DATA ENTRY" slider that allows adjustment of volume, VLOC effects Chorus, Reverb Pan-Pot and Aftertouch
- Pitch Bend Wheel
- Modulation Wheel: useful for changing the intensity of the Vibrato effect, Tremolo or modulation (change of Tone)
- Button "RESET" rebooted the keyboard paramtres
- Button "in October + / October-": Changing octave -4 4
- "Demo" button: dmo 6 available (1 6)
- Button "PROG + /-PROG" easy change instruments even while you play
- Button "CC-00/CC-32" select all the available sound banks, or banks 16,384 diffrent possible
- Button "CHANNEL": select the MIDI channel of Mission
- 10 9 0 numriques buttons: used to assign a value DIFFERENT paramtres
- Button "ENTER" validate your rglages
- Reverb 0127
- CHORUS of 0127
- PAN POT 0127

Display 2 x 16 characters LCD screen
Taking Power
Taking sustain pedals
Dimensions: 81.2 x 23.7 x 6.6, Weight: 3.2 Kg

Powered by AC adapter 9V classic


An excellent keyboard touch matre trs enjoyable.
Use very simple and intuitive trs in a small package.
Fully satisfied me. Ideal for composition of software pc pout or increase the number of octaves of your synth.
Manuel trs trs simple and clear, but unnecessary for the handling ease of stuff.
With its multitude of button configuration, select channels, presets, banks, the rglage of Settings, in short, everything is simple and quick to fawn, which makes this keyboard a b te scne because it causes no downtime live.


I used 8 months. Sold when I changed my sound card and opt for a big card on which I can use any keyboard key as Matra.
Goodies: buttons numriques of 0 9 for the ais rglage paramtres and above the button "PROG +" and "PROG" to change the pRSET not stop playing !!!!! !
If you find a keyboard matre easy to use and effective as well as home scne then this keyboard is for you.
The least: no self-supplied.
Honntement for anything I will not have changed against a Roland, a Fatar or Evolution. He has as much function as an Evo or Fatar and more ease of use a Roland for a price more than face COMPTITE these three brands.