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Latin Percussion Other Non-Chromatic Percussion user reviews

  • Latin Percussion patato serie

    Latin Percussion patato serie - Drummerguy's review


    These aren't bad drums at all- I played them extensively in college and have a lot of experience on other drums (in a variety of situations!) to compare them against. First off you've got to realize what you give and what you get: These drums are m…

Translated user reviews
  • Latin Percussion LP1207

    Latin Percussion LP1207 - " I love the percussion"


    I bought this drum in 2008 in a bundle Joey Castillo (QOTSA) who understand the jam block and a tambourine. This jam block is great, I love the sound, projection. I use it for accents, to support a strike on the snare drum or to replace a cross-s…

  • Latin Percussion Block-617

    Latin Percussion Block-617 - IroncobrA's review


    I have bought yesterday Labaguetterie (about 23). I do not regret my purchase ... The sound is trs pretty, pretty fun and the clip is of good quality. The purple block is usually left (unlike the photo above) and back to orange, you probably un…