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Latin Percussion Percussion user reviews

  • Latin Percussion Generation II professional bongos

    Latin Percussion Generation II professional bongos - moosers's reviewhas images


    I recently got to check out the Latin Percussion Generation II Professional Bongos on a recording session and they're probably the best wood bongos of this size that I've used before. Usually you'll find bongos like this to be on the cheap, but as t…

  • Latin Percussion Matador Congas

    Latin Percussion Matador Congas - mooseherman's review


    I have certainly played better congas than the Latin Percussion Matador Congas, at least briefly. However, I can't afford to pay half of what they cost. These congas certainly feel a lot more expensive than they are, and as such, are a great deal. Th…

  • Latin Percussion patato serie

    Latin Percussion patato serie - Drummerguy's review


    These aren't bad drums at all- I played them extensively in college and have a lot of experience on other drums (in a variety of situations!) to compare them against. First off you've got to realize what you give and what you get: These drums are m…

  • Latin Percussion Mini Timbales LP845K

    Latin Percussion Mini Timbales LP845K - "Latin Percussion Mini Timbales"


    Bought from Wembley Drum Centre, London UK in 2002. Paid £149 for 6"+ 8" model Great sounds, easy to tune and adds some serious colour to your run-of-the-mill drum kit voices. These mini timbales project better than you might imagine- I've used them…

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