Lp Jam Block Set
Lp Jam Block Set
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moosers 08/22/2009

Lp Jam Block Set : moosers's user review


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The LP Jam Block Set comes with two different wood blocks - a larger one and a smaller one that each have their own sound.  Each one comes with a clip so you can put it on your drum set if you want to, but I haven't done so since I'm not a drummer.  I have strictly used these on their own for recording sessions in my home studio.  I have them in my percussion collection because even though I don't use it all the time, I'm a big fan of the sound of the wood block and like to have them around for when I'd like to use them.  It is also nice that two of them came within the same set because it gives me a bit of variety in terms of tone.  As far as recording goes, I usually just use a Shure SM 57 a few inches away from it and that does the job pretty well, although any good dynamic microphone will probably work just fine.  LP is definitely the best when it comes to making percussion instruments and the Jam Block Set certainly fits right in line with that.  These are built quite well and I expect mine to last a while as I don't use them all that often and I can't really envision any scenario that they could break too easily.  The price is also a major asset as they don't cost very much at all and getting the two of them within the same package is really great.  While I haven't used too many different types of wood blocks, I do know that these sound quite good and unless you spend a considerable amount of money I can't imagine getting too much better of a wood block than these.  I highly recommend the LP Jam Block Set to anyone looking for a wood block.