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Other Non-Chromatic Percussion news

  • Sinori Percussion Sinori

    Sinori Percussion Sinori

    03/01/11 in Sinori Percussion Sinori

    Sinori is a metallic percussion made of stainless steel, designed to allow a range of traditional playing techniques (mallets, drumsticks, brushes, etc.), as well as an interaction named ‘‘Body-playing.’’

  • [NAMM] Toca Jingle Sidekick

    [NAMM] Toca Jingle Sidekick

    01/15/11 in Toca Percussion Jingle Sidekick

    Toca's new Jingle Sidekick has a 6" tuneable-head tambourine with a mounting bracket that lets it attach to a 3/8" percussion rod, making it possible as an addition to a drumset or percussion setup.

  • Tycoon Percussion Tables

    Tycoon Percussion Tables

    06/02/10 in Tycoon Percussion Percussion Table

    Tycoon’s new percussion tables are available in large (TPT-L) and small (TPT-S) sizes and are recommended for all types of drummers and drumming situations.

  • Grover Pro Open ToneTemple Block

    Grover Pro Open ToneTemple Block

    06/02/10 in Grover Pro Percussion Open ToneTemple Block

    Grover Pro Percussion have announced the release of their new line of temple blocks.

  • Pearl Repinique

    Pearl Repinique

    06/01/10 in Pearl Repinique

    The Repiniques now feature steel shells with etched heads, shoulder straps and low rims for playing comfort.

  • EnRoute Music PorchBoard Bass

    EnRoute Music PorchBoard Bass

    03/08/10 in EnRoute Music PorchBoard

    According to its manufacturer, the RP PorchBoard Bass offers the same big sound as the original PorchBoard but in a smaller package.

  • [NAMM] Evans EC2

    [NAMM] Evans EC2

    01/15/10 in Evans EC2

    Evans launched the new EC2 with Sound Shaping Technology.

  • Tycoon Percussion Nagado Daikos

    Tycoon Percussion Nagado Daikos

    10/22/09 in Tycoon Percussion Nagado Daikos

    Tycoon Percussion's Nagado Daikos are described as a modern interpretation of the famed traditional Japanese drum.

  • [Musikmesse] Shadow Stompin' Bass

    [Musikmesse] Shadow Stompin' Bass

    04/01/09 in Shadow Stompin' Bass

    Shadow’s newest percussive instrument is an instrument designed to add dynamic percussion for solo artists and bands alike. The Stompin’ Bass is played simply by tapping the surface with your foot.

  • New Shadow Website

    New Shadow Website

    02/27/09 in Shadow Stompin' Bass

    The new Shadow Electronics website is now online.