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Sinori Percussion Sinori

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Sinori Percussion Sinori
News Sinori Percussion Sinori

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Sinori is a metallic percussion made of stainless steel, designed to allow a range of traditional playing techniques (mallets, drumsticks, brushes, etc.), as well as an interaction named ‘‘Body-playing.’’


Its structure was moulded into a clear-cut shape and provided with a wooden knob designed to help the user to ‘’hold, bend and grasp the instrument’’ to get a number of tones.


For instance, according to the company:

  • The top-right part, because of its small size, can be used to obtain high notes with an oscillatory motion of the palm of your hand on the metal.
  • The top-left part, where the handle is inserted, is meant for use as a tuning handle. Bending the sheet at that point makes it possible to tune the vibrations produced by the body of the instrument.
  • The sides of the sheet are designed to allow the user to hold it and interact with it. The user can grab it using the wooden knob to halt and release the vibrations if Sinori is resting on the user’s body.
  • The side handles have been designed to be able to flap the sheet, thus bending to generate the typical sound of steel bending, and releasing it abruptly to generate an explosive hit.
  • The Sinori’s bottom surface, socalled “soundbox”, is made in order to produce low pitch sounds. The bottom handles are also for the purpose of tuning vibrations from the metal.

Sinori is made in Italy, weights 5 Kg (10 lb), it’s cm 140 tall (55 inches) and cm 96 wide (37 inches).

Pricing & Availability

Its MSRP price is EUR 890,00 (standard case included) but the first orders will be available at a special launch price.

The first 5 (five) buyers will pay only EUR 590.00 (almost 35% off, padded case included). From 6 to 10, they will pay only EUR 670.00 (25% off, padded case included).


For more information and videos, you can visit their website at www.sinoripercussion.com.

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