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Peavey Other PA/Live Sound Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Peavey PR 12

    Peavey PR 12 - moosers's review


    The Peavey PR12 Passive's are a set of personal address (PA) speakers for your live show set up. A club/bar that I recently played at had a pair of these to use for bands. These are 12" speakers and feature a 2 way system that will require external…

  • Peavey PR 15

    Peavey PR 15 - "Peavey PR15"


    I purchased my PR15s from a local music store for about $400 (for the pair) because the price was right and the employee I was talking to said they were very nice. These PR15s are awesome! They can handle anything you can throw at them. The highs ar…

Translated user reviews
  • Peavey EuroSys 12PM

    Peavey EuroSys 12PM - " 100W indestructible"


    Bought used years ago as a forum to all amplified sound. The format back offers nice opportunities. Peavey HP 12-inch tweeter and cashing good, 2 parallel input jack (thus usable in series), a 100W output 8ohms and a 4-band graphic EQ plus volume.…

  • Peavey ES 12

    Peavey ES 12 - " Reliable and polyvalant"


    Used for quite some time occasionally to the sound of the group on the terrace bar is pregnant are boilerplate but lacks bass. Used only for amplification of voice, it is very clear and precise. In sound are excellent satellites in addition to a subw…

  • Peavey PR 12

    Peavey PR 12 - deums's review


    compact speaker 125 watt RMS into 8 ohms. cutoff at 1400 Hz, with filter protection acute bulb. not bad sound a little color in these fairly low (bump) with an acute and precise not properly garish. dispersion due to the rather close molded p…

  • Peavey PR 12

    Peavey PR 12 - deums's review


    compact speaker 125 watts RMS into 8 ohms. 1400 Hz cutoff, filter protection Acute bulb. not bad sonority some color in low enough prsentes (bump) with a properly acute prcis not garish. dispersion rather prvue for the rapprochbr /> molded plas…

  • Peavey EuroSys 3

    Peavey EuroSys 3 - " Very good sound!"


    Used in home studio in the evening sound and group (in bars) have a powered mixer Yamaha EMX640. Indestructible, the sound of great clarity and good covering all frequencies. …

  • Peavey Pro 12 Passive

    Peavey Pro 12 Passive - " Good entry-level product"


    For how long have you been using it? For a little over 2 years What thing do you like most/least about it? The award, given for the correct price and for 12 'reliability. The finish is fairly average (though not always glued carpet) over the gua…

  • Peavey UL 15 Passive

    Peavey UL 15 Passive - " Effective, but heavy!"


    I still use them, ever since 9 ns and a half! Not a problem (solid Peavey!), Rain, humidity, high heat, but still the same sound! Power: 1000 watts into 4 ohms real! I paired these speakers with two Eurosystem 6 of 1998, sound crazy before! Like what…

  • Peavey Hisys 3 XT

    Peavey Hisys 3 XT - " Heavy is reliable!"


    3-way speaker with good sound pressure with 101dB 1W/1m performance The price quality ratio is very OCCAZ apprciable ... …