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moosers 09/02/2011

Peavey PR 12 : moosers's user review


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The Peavey PR12 Passive's are a set of personal address (PA) speakers for your live show set up. A club/bar that I recently played at had a pair of these to use for bands. These are 12" speakers and feature a 2 way system that will require external power in the form of a mixer or power amp. While setting up for the show, at first we thought that these PR12's were the main PA speakers, but realized that it would be best to use the Community DnD12's they also had as the main monitors and use these Peavey's as floor monitors to hear ourselves back. They ended up doing a great job as it was easy to hear everything on the stage. They also make a version of these monitors that are active, but I don't know if there's much of a difference in sound. I'd be curious to hear how these sound as main monitors as they can certainly be used as regular PA speakers as well for live shows in a small venue or bar or even in your practice space, which may be the best use for them. They can definitely handle being used as mains for shows, but only in smaller venues for sure. The price of the Peavey PR12 Passive's don't make them the cheapest PA speakers around, but they're not too expensive when you consider you're getting a newer, high quality set of monitors. I'd probably only recommend spending this amount and getting these if you're looking to put together a rig for a bar set up for bands, as you can get a cheaper set that should do the job if you just need something for practicing. Either way you want to use them, the PR12's a fine set of PA speaker cabs.