BBE Green Screamer
BBE Green Screamer
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All user reviews for the BBE Green Screamer

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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mooseherman's review

BBE Green Screamer
This overdrive pedal is designed to replicate the sound of vintage tube amps. It basically functions simply as an overdrive pedal, nothing more. It can't be edited through a Mac or PC, it's not rackable. It's an analog pedal that uses a 1/4" input and output. 


Like the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, this pedal only has three knobs. Unlike the Big Muff, it isn't really fuzzy or crunchy. The three knobs control level, tone, and gain. It's really easy to manipulate the sound of this pedal since there are only three knobs. The manual doesn't really say anything that the user can't figure out on his or her own.


I definitely liked the sound of this pedal. It's got a rich, warm, twangy tone that emulates the classic amps, like the Vox AC30. It's smooth and dynamic, which is what you want in overdrive (not necessarily for a distortion pedal). It sounds great with my Fender Twin amp when I use my Strat. It also sounds good on a Fender Deville on both the clean and distorted settings. When you really crank the gain, it can get really annoying and grating. I tend to avoid doing that as much as possible. It's not my favorite pedal but sometimes it works really well for what I'm trying to do. 


I like the smoothness of the tone particularly. I don't really like the lack of versatility; I tend to get enough kick from my amps anyway, so I don't really need this pedal necessarily. It's good for someone who has a newer amp that doesn't replicate the sounds of the 60s very well. I think it was a good addition to my collection, but I would only recommend to someone in very specific situations. In the long run you're better off getting a better amp, like an AC30 or a Fender Twin. That would remove the need for overdrive of this type. 
Custom 2410/27/2012

Custom 24's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect"

BBE Green Screamer
Not complicated, as mentioned above, Level, tone and gain.


Configuration any easier than that! turning the knobs and found they want to!


So we come to the most important! Do not imagine, given its great design (with avionà this pedal sends the steak donf. Overdrive This is a bluesy. When you push a bottom option is the limit of a distortion, I would call rather ca a big overdrive!

I have no cons for volume loss when I switched the pedal except when I torque to overdrive the amp to get a good distortion (the mixture is excellant!) So in these cases, must climb the level of the pedal.

For information, having scanned the net before buying, some qualifies as the Tube Screamer BBE.


I since July (to my recollection) I use coupled with my amp distortion just perfect! I try but nothing much else to do, she was perfect and the look is quite sympatoch!

the downside is that when I cut the distortion of the amp, the pedal spring (relatively large difference in volume when I couple the amp.)

I remake that choice without problem! (But can be a bit expensive for what it is. I think I bought 130 €)

tremonti's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

BBE Green Screamer
The Green Screamer is an overdrive pedal with three knobs: Level, Tone and Gain. It works by 9v battery (on the back of the pedal a little flap handy!) But in doing so I think we lose volume in relation to its use with a 9v adapter (mine works very well with an Ibanez or 9v a power supply).
From the beginning we are seduced by the look of the pedal (mine in the plane which gives it a little retro very nice) and its robustness. Everything here exudes quality and strength. Already


if you plug the device and leaving all the knobs at 12 o'clock, the sound is there.
Then we see that by turning the knobs are very comfortable to handle because they offer a slight resistance and then almost unroll beneath your fingers.
Everything is then a matter of settings, and they are fine, you can find your sound.


Gain allows you to go with a light crunch to overdrive "soft". Here no question of distortion or even large overdrive gear is built for blues, rock and roll, pop.
The sounds you will embrace different styles; chorus to Hendrix, agreements crunch, the rhythmic Vaughan etc ...
The Green Screamer is also a great boost to muscle behind a distortion sound or in front of an amp on the distortion channel to add grain and color the sound (it works very well with a Peavey Delta Blues and an Orange Tiny Terror) .


I use the BBE Green Screamer for almost a year now and I found a lot of charm and a welcome versatility on any pedalboard.
For a reasonable price you TubeScreamer a high quality (I have many times played on TS9 and it sounds like in my memories) that you will open your sonic palette by simply changing the space on your chaining.

Cydonia's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

BBE Green Screamer

So already I do not have the one pictured, mine is painted with a plane top that is very lively picture of year 90 but it's nice.
For specifications, it is very simple overdrive pedal that can be used to boost the tube amps. a button level, a tone, a gain, an input jack and output, a 9 volt power supply not included of course ^ So battery power (it uses almost nothing).


Operation is super simple, it's like a tube screamer, no need to look for noon at two hour, one branch rule it works. to the sonic palette, I'd say it's going to boost the slight sound bluesy overdrive to a very British. on the other hand for the big sound is not at all for it unless it used to boost the power amp in this case it works very well.


yyyy sound, then already it is quite transparent to the price which is nice and what amazed me by trying it. then to get an idea, I played on a tiny terror and a music man luke 2 so much rock, I wanted to boost the power amp for solo it does.
With regard to the sound itself, this pedal adds a lot of medium where the tone is kind to half see a little more so nikel out of the mix. basically for testing a tube screamer, it's the same thing, but cheaper (and more the design is nice, tell me yes they're crazy but good when you already have a quality pedalboard, if it may not be pretty it worse)


In the end, 89 euros per tube screamer bbe green screamer the oops ^ ^ more transparent, so the grain of the guitar and amp and respected the game, it does pretty well, if I were to start again do it again.
If you want samples, here are some videos where I play with and the sound is very good
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