General Guitar Gadgets TS 808 Tube screamer clone
General Guitar Gadgets TS 808 Tube screamer clone

TS 808 Tube screamer clone, Overdrive pedal from General Guitar Gadgets.

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Audiofanzine FR10/21/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

General Guitar Gadgets TS 808 Tube screamer clone
(Originally written by ludovicloco/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Analog soft overdrive that sounds like the original.
Connections: In/out jack connectors. Power supply input.


Very easy use with only three knobs: tone, drive and level... no surprises!


Super overdrive to play blues or even soft rock songs. Very good to push a tube amp a bit further. It sounds awesome with a Strat and a Les Paul (studio and P90). I tested it with a Marshall TSL 602, a Laney LC 50, a Fender Hot Rod and two Hugues and Kettner Tube 50 and Attax 50: it sounds good with every single amp!!

Sometimes it sounds "tiny" with my Strat. The 3-way switch is also very good to use the pedal as a clean booster (if you set the drive control almost at 0).


I've been using it for 3 months. The setting is easy. I previously tested many other overdrive pedals (BOSS Japan, Fulltone, modern Ibanez...). It's the best one.
Unbeatable value for money (if you assemble it yourself).
I chose this brand again to make me a DIY multi-effect.

nacl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" LE must!"

General Guitar Gadgets TS 808 Tube screamer clone
Pedal clone of the famous Tube Screamer. Well you must know to use a soldering iron and read the plans (see manufacturer's website It is not death when we see the final result ...


Mostly rock, pop, hard rock see if the guitar pickups with high output. The pedal has more gain than a TS.


Just crazy. I have version Tuned mode jackie. I have a 3-position switch that lets you add / remove low frequencies, or leave the system unchanged. Just crazy sound, a good guitar amp + good + Ze Pedal = The 70's rock sound.


DIY your soldering iron! ZE pedal to have, great grain, compliance and signal dynamics, robust. Xotic BB preamp I have, both pedals are level! Except that one you're happy and ruin, the other she'll ruin it and you're even happier.

victhebig's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

General Guitar Gadgets TS 808 Tube screamer clone
Tubescreamer overdrive in much better than the reissues!
True bypass millennium: no signal loss, the lowest noise possible!


For use with guitar or bass (with the switch that AMZ enlve a capacity of the circuit - the 473).

Switch LED: LED, clean, for my part 3 Germanium and Silicon 1n1914 classic symmetrical.
AMZ Switch: Bass Boost; Switch clean (no diode), 3 Ge diodes, 2 silicon

My changes according to the site of GGG: TS 808 / / ITS8 (both Resistors SPECIFICATIONS who diffrencient the TS 9), store expensive mods (replaced by 51k 10k 4k7 replaced by 1k, 224 Tage in tone replaced by 184, I left the 473 in place without replacing the 104), 3 and Ge 2 Si diodes, AMZ fat boost mod

NOTE *** November 2009: the pedals again, with no changes except the switch diodes (If 3 or 2 Si). GENIALEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Today I realize that it fully respects the grain of the guitar, yes, PERFECTLY! Complment is the perfect boost precisely because it does not change the dynamics of origin (and m me so well it compresses the signal seems homogne between chords and solos).


Overdrive, boost, bass compressor if necessary, has virtually ALL


Built for 5 months, I use every day
a lamp with a dj pramp rrronrrrronnnnnnnnnnnnn
I prfre the two silicon diodes in non-boostgt;> Guitar
Bass boost mode of Ge diodes and 3>>> low (a crumbling the windows!)

LDpicker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

General Guitar Gadgets TS 808 Tube screamer clone
T says it all!
Several amendments are proposed: I have a personal TL072, I put the two modes of cliping (diffrent diodes) and bass boost.


A simple config with the modifications it fits many guitars, amps and situations


Both of my config: telecaster lite ash + Blues Junior or half body Ibanez + BJ
in both cases is obtained from trs good sound: from blues to rock see rock trs bridge pickup with the lite ash

the bass boost and a rel more to give more consistency to her, the choice of diodes for saturation and trs well.


I use it for the past 1.5 years etj'en trs'm happy. I damaged the original OP Amp (JRC 4558) and I put what I had on hand (a TL072). In my opinion your exact rock is much (more gain) but I notice when I complterai recommends JRC.

This is a good DIY pedals on the report quality unbeatable price with the added bonus of allowing mods to understand how to work as an OD (and a soldering iron!)

I tried a TS9 course (and overpriced), I find that the sound is at least as Russian and more we have a little more room to tweak.