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All user reviews for the Klon Centaur

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
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mooseherman's review

Klon Centaur
This is a very popular distortion pedal by Klon, and it's the only product that they make, I'm pretty sure. It's not a fancy pedal, so no Midi Ins or outs, and no computer edits. It's totally analog and unfortunately isn't rackable.


The effects editing on this pedal is pretty simple. The manual explains a great deal about why the pedal is great, and how to use it, but it's not entirely necessary. The setup of the pedal is pretty simple.


The waiting list for this pedal has been about 7 years for a while now, unless it's gone up. When you play one, you'll know why. My band used one when we recorded our album, because our studio owners happened to own one. It's got a great tone that doesn't color the sound too far. When you're recording, and you want a tone that sounds like a Fender Twin being pushed really hard for great natural distortion, the actual ability to emulate that on record is a bit trickier sometimes. This pedal will certainly allow you to do that, as well as get even more kick out of it. I think that the pedals main selling point is its transparency, which is better than most pedals I've encountered (though I've read a few online diatribes that would disagree). It's not completely transparent though, which isn't too big a deal. I do think that the pedal is one of the better distortion pedals I've played, and I'm still waiting on one. I like the fact that you can really push this thing without it faltering, that is, it won't reach a point where it gets too harsh.


The sound is the only real reason to buy a pedal, in my opinion, and this sound is fantastic. The price is pretty expensive (about $400), so getting one is more of a long-term mission than a quick purchase. However, it's got a great reputation, and for good reason. It's pretty sweet. I've played countless distortions, and while I have many that I really like, this one is pretty unique. I would highly recommend it to a studio owner, or very serious guitarist who needs a great pedal.

moosers's review

Klon Centaur
The Klon Centaur is an analog distortion/overdrive pedal that has standard 1/4 inch connections and has a 9 volt power supply jack that isn't a standard one.  It isn't a rack mountable unit as it is a stomp box.


I've never had any troubles using the Klon Centaur as it is a very easy pedal to use.  It simply has three knobs that control gain, treble, and output.  It really doesn't get much easier than this and even those with little or no experience with distortion pedals shouldn't have much trouble using it.  I've never seen the manual for the Klon Centaur so I can't speak to how helpful it is, but it really isn't a necessity as the pedal is easy enough to use on its own.


The sounds that are possible with the Klon Centaur distortion pedal are overall pretty incredible.  In a lot of ways I feel that this pedal is somewhat underrated simply because it isn't all that well known, but for those of us have used it know that it is really just as good as any distortion pedal out there.  While this isn't an extremely versatile pedal, it has its own unique sound that is hard to replicate with any other pedal, and for this reason it is great to have this pedal around whenever I want to get this type of sound.  I've only used the pedal for recording and usually use it with a Fender Strat and a '76 Fender Twin Reverb, so I definitely get a pretty accurate representation of what this pedal sounds like.  If you haven't heard this pedal yet, it is a must try for any fan of distortion pedals.


I've been using the Klon Centaur for about three years and I can't really say that I have any complaints about it.  It has a suburb tone quality and is extremely easy to use and operate.  If you are looking for a unique distortion pedal, I would highly recommend trying one of these out to see if it will fit your style.  Even though it isn't the only distortion pedal that I use, when used in tandem with others it adds a new color that isn't possible without.  The price isn't all that cheap, but at the same time isn't incredibly expensive and serious players should be able to afford it if it is something that they want.  Overall, the Klon Centaur is a great distortion pedal that is a must try for any guitar player.
Audiofanzine FR11/04/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Klon Centaur
(Originally written by Bacbacou/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Fat booster and light overdrive with three controls: input gain, tone and volume (output gain). It's simple and effective and all within an indestructible aluminum housing. The power supply comes from either a 9-volt battery or an external PSU.


It cannot be easier to use: only three controls for all sounds from booster to overdrive. Plug your guitar into the input connector, your (tube!!!) amp into the output jack and that's it.


And then... it's just incredible!

First point: Even bypassed, the pedal enhances the sound!!! It is equipped with a buffer which regulates the impedance and provides clarity to the sound. And the more you daisy chain pedals the more this enhancement becomes audible!

Second point: Turn it on...

As a booster, this pedal gives some incredible presence and fluidity to the tone although it's so transparent that you'll totally forget about it!

You'll cut through the mix without increasing the volume!!!

With a bit more drive, it leads the amp to produce crunch sounds in a natural way which I've never heard before... and I still haven't heard anything better!

Third point: Overdrive

Increasing the gain of the pedal will overdrive your amp in a very natural and transparent way producing a light and warm saturation.

The more you increase the gain (fat overdrive and even distortion) the more compressed the sound. It's a matter of taste... This clearly goes to show the unit's limitations: it's not an overdirve/distortion pedal.


I have tried all kinds of pedals from low-range Boss to Fulltone (much more professional) but the Klon took me to a new dimension...

No other non-boutique pedal I've tried can even come close to it.

But when you use it as a plain overdrive you'll notice its limitations: the unit is first and foremost a booster pedal. It's THE best fat booster ever.

The fact that they are hand-made by the designer himself and that they aren't manufactured in series increase the price, but when it comes to sound quality... I give it 9/10 because of the price.

art-of-tone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Eventually, the best ever ... Pedal"

Klon Centaur
Overdrive Pedal Booster optimizes the interaction between the guitar and the amp.
Lets tackle perfectly the first lamp preamp, making this fabulously dynamic interaction.


Very easy to use Gain - Treble - Output

This is not an effect that is fully saturate as a Boss OD-2 or Full-Drive 2, etc ...

Gain control adjusts the attack on the first lamp amp.

The Treble control is such as a Hi-Cut.
It allows you to cut unwanted frequencies or acute wheezing ...

The Output control acts as a booster until 30 db


With the first pre-amp as well pampered, the couple guitar-amp becomes absolutely bound, dynamic.
Every nuance of your playing shows in the first solicitation.

Jeff Beck did not make a mistake.


Bill Finnegan purchased directly from the designer, this pedal justice to your guitar and amp. Make sure you select the first lamp preamp for optimum quality (especially for noise and microphôies, otherwise it does not forgive!)

Integrated Buffer (like the peffets Cornish) is the ultimate weapon of the Klon. Between Wah / Fuzz on one side and Modulation / Delay the other, this pedal is essential in any professional pedal.

Badcard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Klon Centaur
View the previous opinion ...


Ditto previous opinion.
Note: this pedal is of interest with the tube amps only.


Totally agree with the previous opinion.
This overdrive / clean boost is of incredible quality.
Of all the effects pedals like this that I possess (see profile) and I tried, none can compete with the Klon.
It takes just a slap phenomenal.

The term transparency is used to describe all the sauces for the effects of guitars, but it never stuck better than the Centaur.
Clean boost mode, you really have a faithful reproduction of the characteristics of your sound (Start, tele, les paul ... but the amp) but bigger, more beautiful, better!

Indeed, the pedal works best before the overdrive / distortion very extensive.
Not that this is the last to be bad, but let say bcp less exceptional than the clean boost and overdrive "light".


For those who want to sublimate their sound, there is no hesitation to have.
This pedal is very, very expensive. (-1 Point)
But I challenge anyone to find a better overdrive and especially providing sound so fabulous!