Behringer SHARK FBQ100
Behringer SHARK FBQ100

SHARK FBQ100, PA & Live Sound Accessory from Behringer.

fpector 01/17/2014

Behringer SHARK FBQ100 : fpector's user review

«  Not convinced »

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Firstly I must say that I am interested in only the anti-feedback function and therefore it is the one I most thorough. I expected a lot of this anti-feedback. After several back and forth between reading the instructions and setting the device, I finally understand how it works.
We can not say it does not work, you can see the device, identify and eliminate the different frequencies of feedback. But ultimately we do not win much comfort and it does not push the level or microphone sensitivity so really significant. Finally playing on the position and returns the microphone, you get almost the same result. But this is not the worst, I see a resonance as if there was a reverb and worse, the sound is very metallic whereas bypassing the SHARK, the sound is pure and without resonance.
Maybe this is the micro I've tried, a SM 58 and SM 57. It seems to be preferable to use a condenser microphone, but I do not know of any brand and any model which would be best suited. I actually beeps in a group, for services in room, kind of celebrations. Electroacoustic instruments pose no problems for me, micro songs either, but it is complicated or is when to take the overall sound of several singers. It is unthinkable to have to have as many microphones as singers, so I wanted to take all without feedback in return, knowing that there onstage singers and musician (Flute, accordion, guitar, percussion) and worse, violins feedback for a yes or a no, even with piezo pellets. Anyway I can get with the violins the same problem with singers because in some configurations there are 6! so it should come to take the entire console violin. This is the return that cause problems, but it is essential, because the room acoustics or we play is abysmal and it is impossible to make music when the sound of the room back to the scene with a big gap .. ..
I happened to play in modern rooms, or the sound is perfectly integrated, This is great, we donut in sound and there is no feedback ....
In short, if someone could give me advice, I would be very interested. SHARK this is probably a good product, but it is not at all obvious to implement.
Can also be Berhinger it should do the work of teaching, so that customers are more proficient in the implementation of this unit.