Samson Technologies S-mix

S-mix, PA & Live Sound Accessory from Samson Technologies in the S Class Mini series.

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JimboSpins 01/02/2013

Samson Technologies S-mix : JimboSpins's user review

« It is one of my backups »

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The Samson S-Mix is a compact mixer with 5 channels. This is a “mini” mixer but that does not mean anything when it comes to the quality of it. It has RCA stereo inputs that have controls for volume and ¼ inputs with volume controls. There are RCA and ¼ stereo outputs too and it runs off of an AC adapter (18 volts). The only reason I purchased this was because I needed a small mobile/portable mixer that I could always have around with me. This was just that, it is small light and portable and works great. It does not have the best features but it will get the job done.
This mobile mixer is very handy, I recommend buying it even if you are not in the market to buy one because have one this size that you know will not give you any issues is a plus. Especially if you are a working musician or if you work in the music industry in any way.
This “mini” mixer is very easy to use and the sound is very good. The controls and everything with it are easy to understand and you will not even need to look at the manual at all. It is great for live events (as a back up) or for performances. There is nothing not to like about this small mixer. It is only 50 dollars and don’t let that fool you, because it does not have the cheap feel of 50 dollar equipment. I would use this for a paid gig if I had too, that is how confident I am with it. It is made by Samson, so I know that they stand by their products and make sure they are made with the best materials. It is also covered by a warranty for 3 years (like most Samson gear is). There is nothing to lose with this mixer; it is a great back up.