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Paiste Innovations user reviews

  • Paiste Innovations Thin Crash 16''

    Paiste Innovations Thin Crash 16'' - Antoine-S's review


    - How long have you use it? about 3 years - What is so special that you like most and least? a cymbal fabulous, explosive, a brilliant and powerful. and very strong (I broke a crash every 6 months before that, it has been 3 years it is still n…

  • Paiste Innovations Splash 11"

    Paiste Innovations Splash 11" - Mc Brain's review


    I just bought this splash-hand by a great deal (1 / 3 of its original price). So I use it for several weeks. Its main quality is crisp and precise, with a reduced resonance, which I really appreciate it and especially what is required of a splash. …

  • Paiste Innovations Thin Crash 14"

    Paiste Innovations Thin Crash 14" - Plenacoste's review


    -I use it for months -The characteristics I like most is: -> Jou douse it DGIG clear sound with a touch darker (IDAL forthe embiences Dousse and unhealthy ... hihihihi ... well I use it as often.) -> Jou a plain power (Calm down with the stick…

  • Paiste Innovations Short Crash 16"

    Paiste Innovations Short Crash 16" - jeangoerges's review


    Very good cymbal it's a very perfect crystal-clear and powerful strokes to accentuate snare drum some time ago I wanted to try a crash Innovation 14 and 18 "but was told that the series was no longer produite.trop degu ' Anyway if you want a cy…