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All user reviews for the Alesis Monitor One MkII

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 15 reviews )
 7 reviews47 %
 3 reviews20 %
 5 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Excellent's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Q / P unbeatable"

Alesis Monitor One MkII
Passive 2-way: 1 * 13cm + tweeter, bass reflex AR harbor, 120 watts rms announced! ..... A 80/90w max seems more real. hifi speaker more than monitor: response curve V with little mid (1-2k) and bcp 80hz and 10kHz. not really faithful.


sounds nice but far from a studio monitor ..... (Not "flat" at all)
AVERAGING quite dynamic, stereo suitable lack of clarity in the mid / hi mid. due to a small peak (2/3) to very wide 600hz.


small or stereo broadcast editing: yes; studio monitoring / mixing / mastering: not really suitable.
the model amplified bass reflex ports on the front (* 2 small) but less convincing than the passive (only 1 big bass reflex port AR), on the other hand, Alesis RA150 amp avoided with advice (and others in the series ): pb relay HP after 2/3ans! (See forums), and its really ugly, also a good amp HiFi uncorrected, will better the deal. (Currently harmann kardon 90w * 2).

Djzapman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good for mini budget!"

Alesis Monitor One MkII
I had heard from a friend and I liked the bass for such monitors.
Personally I use today to mix podcasts and they are very good for that because less accurate than my HR824 which will reveal all the defects of my mix.
That said they serviced me well at the beginning thanks to their low price.
Good bass and a casually its pretty balanced. But not super fine / detailed.


Good momentum.


I have been a good ten years coupled with the amp that goes well with and never had a problem.
For the price, they do the job! And I like their dynamic to my DJ mixes.
Sorry not to be too specific but it is very long as I have.
Also I paid much more expensive at the time. And if they are now at 150 €, this is a good deal.
Prefer the model can be amplified on the other hand ...
I do not know if I will ever choose after 10 years, may be if my budget will be limited ...
Zéro db03/09/2012

Zéro db's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Stereo Image incredible"

Alesis Monitor One MkII
Speaker 2 Way Passive Monitor, Electromagnetic Shielding, 120 Watts / 4 Ohms Connectors: Terminals.
I use it in my home studio for recording drums, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals. I had a Kenwood amp that I tried and I finally kept.


The response curve is sufficiently neutral saw my amp. They have enough potatoes for people who love listening to loud. The stereo image is really excellent. I am regularly impressed by it. The lack of precision in the bass.


I use them for 7 years. I tried the Yamaha NS10M. I especially like the stereo is just incredible. The price / quality ratio is undoubtedly present. They suit me perfectly for my use of non-professional enthusiast. With the experience I would do this or I obterais choice for the active version.

Zeknas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It does the job well"

Alesis Monitor One MkII
2-way passive speakers. Box of wood and synthetic matrial in good order.


The sound is not completely neutral, the bass is quite Submitted.
No breath remarkable, home studio, the power is ample trs


Trs satisfied. J'apprcie all the particulirement rpartition strophonique image in space.
Use in home studio perfect.
I hsit with active speakers but I just stop using my power amp.
Purchase an affordable price.

self-service's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Monitor One MkII
This is the first price that motivated me to be the honnête.Je have received today and at first listen I took a slap! Sacred potato ...
I chose passive monitors flem by turning on and off with each use and also for the price difference compared to active monitors.


I read they were generous in low but to me it's perfect!
The stereo image is excellent and the sound is clear, it lacks a bit of mids a bit but really, nothing serious.


The price / quality ratio is excellent, they have a pretty face and are neither too large nor too small.
I recommend these monitors, I am an amateur (producing hip-hop) and obviously much more savvy guys will always say it's not genelec or other but certainly not the same budget and the alesis really satisfy me!

FlowFlowz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Monitor One MkII
Well before buying anything should first know why you want to buy it and how we will use it. Then we look for the same price range to our stock market without bad puns.
Not the monitoring speakers within the meaning of the word. Let's not talk nonsense and do the pros with these two black boxes, but certainly not pretty pro.
The technical characteristics have no incentive to be disclosed here, if we were to just watch the label to buy, notices would serve no purpose.
In short, I use these speakers with a 400W amp Technic with lots of connections to plug stuff. As my preamp Vox Tone Lab, my BDC3000 the Toneport and laptop for my girlfriend.
In fact they are hi-fi speakers, and more precise, clear and aesthetically more pleasing than these ignoble wooden facades home grandmother that one can find the radius of the Hi-Fi stores.
These speakers will be used to make the walls of your hi-fi or 2.1 system on your computer in the trash. And for 149 euros, it's worth every penny.


Its level, that's exactly what they are asked to do a pretty faithful rendition, clear and precise. You close your eyes, we place ourselves in the middle, and the hypnosis session can begin. Each piece is a personal concert.
The stereo is really well distributed, the left means the sound of left and right sounds right. Not the stereo image is frankly baffling to the price of these speakers.

on the other hand ATTENTION !!!!!!!
Music creation mode!
I read in another opinion that the DO "resonance". And it is unfortunately true. I tried it with guitar (strat 70reissue), low (JB) and keyboard (a yamaha all rotted) and it seems to vibrate, a kind of vibration that saturates the vibration but without saturating. It's very special, it's like a volume boost with a tremolo, reverb in the 100Hz on the DO. And it's very disruptive to the speakers so-called "monitoring".
This may be due to certain physical laws that bind size of 6.5, volume of the chamber, air pressure and frequency of the note. But I'm not a physicist, I am a musician (or so).
The only positive is that if you do not recognize notes by ear, this device can help. But I do not think this is what is asked!

To be clear, the sound is clear. A little too sharp to be completely neutral. But as we said, since this is not the best of the best and if one day you really want to do something serious it will invest more, it is enough.


The more I hear what they tell me the happier I am to have purchased. If you know what you want, beauty and well away with a sound spectrum fairly well respected, these speakers are ideal. The price is reasonable, it is a good value for money.
As against the weak point is the DO. I do not create these speakers. I have a headphone is not the most accurate and better. I worked in a recording studio for television advertising (no glory I know) and to quickly there is no perfect home studio. I heard the Dynaudio BM12A of my friend in the ingéson, I cried a little and then I went home, there's no photo. If you want good sound in your house, buy a good headphone. The headset is fine, it can hurt the ears after 10h of continuous use but you're on your bubble of being in music.

In short if you want to hear the little noises of slamming saliva in the mouth of your musical background singers on a precise and clear, these speakers are perfect.
on the other hand, if you considering creating your titles characters in your little house and you like the C major, you may be disappointed.

I would definitely do it again this election, the sound quality does not exist anywhere in the same price range.
And the speakers Hi-fi neutral and accurate, black and disguised as monitoring speakers, there are not many I think ...

If this is what you want do not hesitate a second longer.

redsteph's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Monitor One MkII
Use in monitoring home studio amp with RA150.


I am by the sound of low trs prcis draft and not at all.
The rest is well ...


I have a few days.
Good quality for money but if I had known, I invested in something more reliable (and high)
Le d06/16/2007

Le d's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Monitor One MkII
Here j bought this monitor to the mix and composition of Hiphop (home studio)
config: carte mere mid-range, very good processor, d + 1 GB ram, 36 bit sound card reels 24/96 (today TerraTec DMX6fire j which test the limits of operating day by day) and an Alesis RA150 amp (all good and coherent)

The price closer to that my purchase and the quality of listening test in the store.

I put the note 9, because I have no tjs not pushing the limits of my config (new sound card), lack of time to be able to say a score of 10.


Frequency response: not enough experience or knowledge to judge, but it seems very correct (seen in the price range of these monitors)

stereo image: good, very good or near perfect, for I used many stereo effects (phaser / flanger) and the return is amazing, one could even make teckno with!!

Clear sound is very very specific acute (an advantage for me), medium right (I rarely based on medium), and serious near-perfect (bass and Rythmik that hard if you push the amp)

a very very good dynamic with the RA150 amp (drives a 40% minimum)

I put the note 10 for perfomances, compared to the price.


I use them for about 1 year

J loves: the cohesion of sound in the whole, the AC power that emerges, the simplicity, price, neutrality sounds

J likes least: not much, I'm satisfied with!

j've seen of studio monitors, a number of home studio, and everything is good in all (exept for studio monitors, much higher), but considering the price, it's still the best choice that I've seen, for the home studio

Q / P: exellent see amazing, a very good deal, a very good buy.

With the experience: j tell me why I have not bought this before!

Score of 10 for the ratio Q / P (as I say, hallucinating!)

Webmusicprod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Monitor One MkII
For my choice of material I sail a good time on the net for a max of opinion (the seller in stores want to sell what they have in stock and therefore are not impartial).
I use them in home studio to replace the speaker hacked by me.
I use an Alesis RA150 amp as it is meant to be together


At first, the sound is okay to be compared with other Beringher and alesis samson or I could listen.
stereo image is very good, I rediscovered my mix.
The sound is very clear compared to my old aiwa "tuning", the bass sounds good in any case that fits me very well for the price.
ca a potato


I was last week.
I prefer an amp and passive monitor because I can find a "boring" to turn my speaker on the back (that's what I blame all the active monitor.
I listened to Beringher, and alesis samson (also Genelec but it was not in my budget).
at counting money is the amp I had for € 270 which is very correct one small problem which I had not thought of before: the event in the back.
I'm not disappointed so I would do this choice. satisfied

Farfafou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis Monitor One MkII
Concerning the technical specifications of this product, and what attracted me the most, it is the 120w of power, more powerful studio monitors above one is free to stick the amp of our choice.

For use in the studio rather large area in my opinion. And for the beginner or tight budget anyway: EXELLENT quality / price ratio.

I use an amp with ALESIS RA150, the two go together.


The frequency curve slightly favors the upper spectre.Le internal crossover seems still a bit "stingy" in the low end on the rest of it's acute and medium are reproduced perfectly above the upper spectrum that do not saturate!

The stereo image is accurate.

The sound is very clear in the high end (big highlight for me).


I use them for 6 months, no problem.

+ = Clear and acute power handling (they support big amp).

- = Low end a little behind.


With experience I recommend this choice for the beginner / tight budget ... it gets better as well!