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Pmc Passive Monitors user reviews

  • Pmc TB2i

    Pmc TB2i - " Hard to beat"


    This model is identical to the pro monitoring TB2S +, except that they are prettier bcp (wood finish) and the filter is 2 kHz instead of 3 kHz, the tweeter is different but also gives a very very close. Note that this is a fabric dome tweeter, for …

  • Pmc TB2S+

    Pmc TB2S+ - " Excellent instructors proximity"


    We have the passive versions TB2 in the studio, they are good speakers trs trs proximity of major criticism and neutrality. hi fi amp Cairn K1 class, amps recommended with speakers are PMC and Bryston brand is really good but expensive trs. They p…

  • Pmc TB2S+

    Pmc TB2S+ - " Best Place Pigalle"


    Passive 1000th pair. See manufacturer's website. SOUNDS Equilibria, neutral, Retailer, Dfine. If you buy something more you know your probably thinking, trs a) paying too much b) you have. These speakers completely dtruisent competitio…

  • Pmc IB2S

    Pmc IB2S - " Monitors upscale"


    Passive system with external amplifier, used for mastering. The amp is a Bryston. SOUNDS Excellent overview of a mixing. Listens detailed but not excessive (too much detail I think we lose the global vision of a mix, which is not suitable for mas…

  • Pmc TB2S+

    Pmc TB2S+ - Norrin's review


    Passive speakers. May be adding an integrated amplifier (powerpack) but not dual amplified. Design based on the transmission line system. The sound is a whole circuit inside before exiting through the vent back, in order to reduce the lack of serio…

  • Pmc DB1S+

    Pmc DB1S+ - alba7's review


    I have essey the store and I falch! 850 euro per pair! I use them for my home studio in the main mix. And I must confess that I also use them for listening to music for fun! Alesis RA 300 amplifier, Mbox2 Pro and MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz accompanyi…