Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
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All user reviews of 1/5 for the Yamaha NS-10M Studio

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centurygold's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Take mini speaker channel speakers for studio quality or c trs is fun but tiring! Certainly, there are some small speakers that work well trs but they are rare and they all have the same default prsentent nothing or not much below 60 hz and limits on what is dynamic to normal size ..... or the famous NS10M nothing and absolutely nothing for them. it seems that they are down ......
But where did the sound? I seek in vain, the amp, the cd and then I start disassemble the object of DLit and observe. Everything is lightweight, the black cardboard box to hide the quality of pietre ralisations, the speakers assembled 5 euros for a bowl of rice. everything is lightweight and manufactured at a discount price PRISUNIC. The typical ralisations CONFORAMA DARTY but at the price (premium in the minds of people). The cot is more effective for small branch managed to play the high-tech (in s'criant ipod, flat screen, mini hi iphone, laptop, washing machine and toaster per million is that happiness!)
The style here is plastic toy "made in china" sold at the price of gold before the ipod ..... we see everywhere we had the NS10M we saw everywhere was that the happiness in the studio. Without 10 M NS impossible to make a mix.


It was a little too image (marketing!) but no sound!
s beef is transformed into a frog over time and was called
1000 ns and silent perfect tudie. the loss of two "zero-" on the REFERENCE
(Requires miniaturization) puts it thus among the plastic toys for children.


Sell ​​a legend in which n is not n!

the purpose of trade is to sell the wind. We therefore label achte trs CHRE

the NS10 m yamamoto brew a lot of air or wind!

legalvince's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha NS-10M Studio
See other posts or www


See below


I have never owned a NS10, but I listened to the blind, there is more than a decade.

Let me explain the "blind".

I do not know exactly what I was hanging Pigalle shop one day looking for I do not know what accessory (string, jack ...?).
A gus enters and asks to listen / compare monitoring speakers (there was a "wall" with a dozen pairs of speakers - from memory KRK, the Alesis, and Fostex, and the famous as well as a bunch NS10 other references just as standard I do not remember). It was not quite the beginning of close monitoring, but it certainly was not as prevalent today, for my part, I had never heard the NS10 with my own ears, but was convinced that it does could only be good as they were mentioned, seen, photographed in the studios and magazines. In retrospect, I think it took some courage at the time to give an opinion even if that qualified on the NS10, you could probably pass for a guy who would do better to make macramé or paint on tissue rather than the music ...

The Gus begins his essays while I was busy with another vendor for my accessories and back relative to said wall, behind me I hear he tries pairs one after the other. I listen, stopped by this interesting and unexpected comparison: different colors, shades etc. image. instructive to be able to view these standards. I turned to watch the end of the demo.

In truth, none were really banging the ass on the floor, but it sounded decent overall. The seller zaps once again to move to the next pair and there, I hear a sound very unpleasant and I still remember the first idea that came to mind: "but made it to stop that thing filthy! "after 10 seconds, no less-but it seemed very long, it stops the racket. It was the last pair of speakers to try, probably kept it (it was called) the best for last. I speak, taken aback, and asks candidly to the seller what the Denieres tested pregnant, he replied with a smile and tone of the seller who must recommend the cream of the top that it was "THE" NS10.

I exchange a look with the gus who had come to the comparison, clearly thought the same thing, but for fear of hearing us say we would have done better to devote our energy to macramé or silk painting, we have not said a word cowardly. I do not know what he eventually bought, I went thoughtfully.

I look back on this episode every time I hear of NS10, it is becoming increasingly rare elsewhere (and I'm not complaining ...)

I noticed that some sound engineers had developed the habit of taping of Kleenex on the tweeters and it softened a bit aggressive (I think it would allow them to mix with a few hours - I can not hold, is really return to the main listening).

I also know that it's not bad to adjust reverb tails (the famous bump in the upper midrange maybe ...)

I have read here and there, often enough, that if we could make it sound mix on NS10 is that it will sound good everywhere and I want to believe! if it sounds pleasant, as far as physically possible-on the speaker like that, it can only sound better elsewhere! Besides, I think that's what we were doing over time with Auratone and often seen in the studios of speakers stereo systems in a corner whose role is to serve as a reference "listening quality "consumer", in short, the crash test in sum.

Finally, while some like to think we have done no better than the NS10, it is probably subjectively, they have reason. So they continue to mix with (but not too strong, thank you, we do not share the same passion) :-)

Pete_shifter's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha NS-10M Studio
For what purpose?
To simulate rotten pregnant (and they do it well!)


Nothing in there.


You really have anything else in cost his life to find his pregnant excellent!

If they are found in a studio pro, only because the ing use it to see what it's like their equivalent of a mix of hi-fi.

My first recording as a musician on a t mix the shit and t seen a disaster because they have no bass, your exact dsquilibr totally silent.

It can not be used in monitoring, especially for the tape recording.
Remember that these speakers sound so "gniales" there is an add-on to reset the HP phase! The one is well aware of srieux the design of these shoes botes ...

mamac's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha NS-10M Studio
These are passive speakers of the same type as the stereo speakers sold 100 Redoubt. It is expensive pair, the price is justified by the false reputation of these speakers nickname of reference


The sound that does not exist. No acute above 15khz, no bass below 70Hz, dynamic cardboard ... but happiness ... You really have a good mix for AC pass on these stews (careful not mx end but a mix-type broadcast its skyrock: loundness comp and background).


It is an aberration of these speakers used to mix or make music. These are only pregnant for tests in order to check a mix of shit speakers. Indeed, if the mix does not pass the NS10, it will not pass on a battery station with hp 80mm. But NS10 are absolutely not essential.

guig's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha NS-10M Studio
These are great speakers REFERENCE, poses around the studio.


They sound shit and Russia a mix with these machines relvent a great, great experience trs. Ringing in a mix NS-10 is so difficult that if you get there is that we have a great mix.
The tweeters are super sensitive and cost arm and a leg!
The bowls are made of paper trs end, what makes them bend in all directions, however, they
have a sound when listening to low volume, with a real amp.


I have used against my gr for 4 years. Then I moved to Tannoy 600:
I am of the same opinion that a person very fond of JBL, and I agree, I prefer the
bikes from Yamaha, and 600 FAZER.
N buy not this crap! It is not at all (and yet so they say) neutral!
For the same price, buy one alesis. It's better and it sounds!