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Paul Beuscher user reviews

  • Paul Beuscher Stratocaster

    Paul Beuscher Stratocaster - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by deedz1978/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Made in Japan a long time ago. 21 frets, single coil pickups Volume control Tone control 3-way toggle switch. UTILIZATION It was my first guitar. I bought it with a str…

  • Paul Beuscher accordina  A.BOREL

    Paul Beuscher accordina A.BOREL - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by wphantom/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I had been dreaming about it for 10 years... it's been 3 weeks since I own it. This instrument from the 40's-60's has completely disappeared. It became the ghost of numerous attics...…

Translated user reviews
  • Paul Beuscher Jazz Bass

    Paul Beuscher Jazz Bass - " It was a 2nd superbre low to begin my career as a bassist"


    Made in Japan with the same characteristics as a Jazz bass UTILIZATION Handle very nice and fast SOUNDS For me its a lot closer to the true Jazz bass OVERALL OPINION I had this bass between 1985 and 1987; a great sound very close to the F…

  • Paul Beuscher RoyalStar

    Paul Beuscher RoyalStar - " Good drumkit to start."


    Used for a very long time, it is currently being converted into electronic sensors and skins silent. Supplied with one medium tom, tom brackets and cymbal on the bass drum does not fit very well and tend to slip ... Good value for money. As this …

  • Paul Beuscher PM1

    Paul Beuscher PM1 - " excellent sound"


    Made in Japan recovered from my father who bought it at a mate in 68. I know no more, I'm not luthier to tell you what materials it was made and I'm sorry, but on the other hand, who cares, the important thing, the c sound! I restored with mechanic…

  • Paul Beuscher Jazz Bass

    Paul Beuscher Jazz Bass - aldejerph's review


    Left-handed bass guitar purchased in 1985. This is a distributed exclusively through a store. The bass has two buttons for volume and tone controls, two microphones and no selector. The instrument was supplied with a cable and a strap. UTILIZATION …

  • Paul Beuscher Stratocaster

    Paul Beuscher Stratocaster - -kc-'s review


    Made in Japan in the 80s by Paul Beuscher Rokkomann 21 frets, 3 single pickups, vibrato (I did not stem) 3 knobs (1 volume, 2 tone), a micro selector 3 position. UTILIZATION Level ergonomics and co, I focus not is a copy of Start 'everythin…

  • Paul Beuscher BP 400

    Paul Beuscher BP 400 - patvmax's review


    JAPAN. it must be between 20 and 25 .. it still sounds great !!!!! UTILIZATION This is a typical classic .. and high quality .. I had been offered in 79 or 80, I think. SOUNDS She has aged very well .. I do not know who made this beautiful, a…

  • Paul Beuscher SAX

    Paul Beuscher SAX - Fouinot's review


    If so Beuscher has (unfortunately !!!) sax has its name, but it is manufactured in Germany by Weltklang I think. Anyway, dconseiller: horrible ergonomics, weight astronomical (Germany's what!) And accuracy than limit ... the sound is not bad. …