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fanzin03 08/18/2010

Paul Beuscher PM1 : fanzin03's user review

«  excellent sound »

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Made in Japan recovered from my father who bought it at a mate in 68.
I know no more, I'm not luthier to tell you what materials it was made and I'm sorry, but on the other hand, who cares, the important thing, the c sound!
I restored with mechanical and electrified bath oil, which has not changed its sound.


I love the sound of this guitar, it is very pleasant to the touch, light.
The handle is well suited to my hand or the inverse c
C true that access to acute freight is quite difficult and requires flexibility of the fingers and wrist
I think the more she gets, the more the sound is round and warm. Its deep body naturally boosts the game on his finger and harmonics are both hot and languid. And low echo, c a delight.


We can play anything with this guitar if not to seek sounds fat, saturated. Perfect for playing in small venues


ten years, yes, I did not pay, but if I had, I would not hesitate