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Thread Comments about the review: Lifting the Lid on Audio Laptops: The Test

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1 Comments about the review: Lifting the Lid on Audio Laptops: The Test
In Part 2 we go deeper into PC laptops for music production and put a few choice models to the test.

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What about USB interfaces?  I would like to see the test using RME,  M Audio,  Roland,  or any modern USB interfaces.  Plus,  what tweaking and optimizing was done (i.e  turn off services,  unistall programs, disable things like wifi and modems,  etc..,).


Hi!  In this specific test, obviously not many interfaces were tested.  If there is a specific one you are interested in perhaps we did a separate test for that, and usually we test installation and usage such as in this review:



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Hi, I own a Lenovo T510 and have tried to make it work with my Digidesign Mbox 2, but with no success. I can install the drivers (ASIO) for the soundcard, but when I connect to the sound card via the DAW software Sonar 5 there is a continuing series of audio "pops" when I record enable a track and in the audio I eventually record. On my desktop PC I am able to use the exact same hardware/software setup without any problems. Also I am able to use my lesser grade external sound card (an M-Audio MobilePre) without any problems on the T510.

In your excellent review you write that you initially had problems on the T510 but "Found a BIOS update, ran it, all is well – phew!"

Can you tell me where to find the BIOS-update that helped you with your problem. Maybe it can help me with my problems too :-)

Best regards

Denmark, Europe